Testimonials and Reviews for Lindy Baker

Virginia Blumenthal: Foreword
The Universe gave to a few ultra-special people the magical powers to see into the future, to communicate to those who have gone before us and to see the world with an ability the rest of us mere mortals do not have.  Lindy Baker is one of those “ultra-special people” who has been given gifts

She has solved mysterious homicides by working with police departments and assisted in guiding law enforcement to the evidence they needed to solve the crime.  She has helped immeasurable numbers of people trying to deal with the problems their life has dealt to them.  Her wisdom has guided many from pain to joy, from tears of sadness to tears of joy, from the paths of darkness to the paths of awareness and from a goalless life to a life of self-actualization.

And since our friend Lindy knows that we all have a certain fear or uncertainty about the death of this life, she has written this book to help guide us towards the enlightenment we seek.  Very few in this world would share their after-life experiences.  Because they trust Lindy, they shared their special and unique experiences with her.  And because she wants to help guide all of us, Lindy has chosen to share those life/death experiences with us.

Thank you, Lindy, for your wisdom, your guidance, your intuition, your balance and your unparalleled devotion to others. I truly thank you for your friendship of the last thirty-five years and thank you for this wonderful book.

High regards,

Virginia M. Blumenthal, Attorney-at-law

(Rated as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in the United States)

Testimonial for Lindy Baker
Sandra L. Mayo, Ed. D:  Foreword


I am honored to write this foreword for Lindy Baker’s book, To the Light and Back. I met Lindy Baker about 30 years ago. She was the speaker at a local meeting of American Business Women’s Association. During her talk, she made several predictions about some societal issues, all which ended up being accurate. But the incident that started our friendship was when she walked up to me and began describing my teaching style and told me what my students liked about me. The information was quite specific (even though we had never met), and by the way, it was well before the age of the internet where one can find out about almost anything about anybody any time.

Lindy has amazing energy, finds ways to keep a positive outlook even when everything seems to be going wrong and she is able to maintain professional relationships with clients and still be a terrific friend.

Lindy Baker has honed her skills over a lifetime of hearing the voices, really listening to the messages coming from a very different cosmic place and knowing things because she was always listening, and not always of her choice. Amazingly, Lindy has been able to create such an environment for those of us on this plane, that people have been able to feel she is the safe place to share their Near Death Experiences. And because of Lindy’s ability to hear, and truly listen–to not just the words, but hear the pain, fear, the joy, the anguish, and the gratitude, she has been able to share these stories in a way that allows us to feel and understand the experiences in a first person way.

Dr. Sandra L. Mayo
Ed. D.

Dr. Norma Lent Auerbach, Director of the Bodymind Learning Institute
New Rochelle, New York; January, 2005

I first met Lindy a number of years ago at the annual convention of the American Board of Hypnotherapy where I was a guest speaker. As a hypnotherapist myself, I am particularly interested in finding psychics who I feel are “right on the money” in their predictions. Since we live thousands of miles apart, she’s been reading me on the telephone and I find she’s just as accurate from a distance as she has been from sitting next to her. She has been reading me and my family for the past five years and her insights and advice have proved to be invaluable tools to assist us in getting through the rough times. I have recommended her to others who have also found her readings insightful and useful as they try to cope with the vagaries of life in today’s complex world.

Lindy – All that I have done to this day; from the first phone call, the first day I was on your couch, I thank you for showing me the way, showing me the path I was afraid to travel. You told me that I would be doing great things and yet, I did not believe. You told me that I would be meeting important people, still, I did not believe. You told me that I would write many books, even though I knew nothing about publishing or how to write a book; again, I did not believe. You told me that one day, I will have my own business . . . I am starting to believe. Lindy, with all my heart, I thank you for getting me out of the depressive state that I was in when I first sat on your couch more than four years ago. I now believe that my journey is just beginning and I have so much to do before this life is over. You have been my personal “life coach”, my guide to my future.
Much Love and Respect,

Author of Through The Eyes of A Foster Child: A Poetic Journey

PERSONAL COACHING – Business, career, relationships

Public Endorsement:

“Lindy has been my personal coach for some time. I’ve relied on her uncanny insights and extensive knowledge for almost every area of my life, i.e., my business, career, relationship decisions, family issues and so forth. It’s great to have someone who really listens and is frank in their responses. She’s been right on target with so many things that came to pass in totally astounding and unbelievable ways. She’s totally a Life Skills Coach; the fact that she is also clairvoyant with unusual accuracy is just the kicker. I recommend her highly…and I might add that she is worth much more than she charges.”

Specifically: Over the course of at least 4 yrs you have continued to state that you saw me on TV in front of a large audience. Well, it happened and is continuing to happen even though I was SURE I was not going to be on TV anymore!!!

This past June I filmed for TWO days to be on a series on TV. Then the producers asked me to come to Beverly Hills CA for the Television Critic Awards and sit on the panel in front of 100 plus reporters!!! Entertainment Tonight, People Magazines, and several other TV persons also interviewed me. I have now been asked to be a guest on “The View” in NYC, among other offers. So, needless to say…you were RIGHT AGAIN.

You are also DEAD ON with the predictions of my personal life and what was going on and who would be involved in my life!! Will update you as I go to keep you updated and let you know when the rest happens!! You are AWESOME…Much Love Always,

Kathy Anderson, Sept. 08

Tsunami of December 2004

Hi Linda: Just wanted to confirm and affirm your reading with me in December. You indicated a tragedy that was about to happen around the time of the inaugurals. You said there would be a tragedy of epic proportion. A nuclear type experience that would take many, many lives. It would not be in this country though. It would be on another continent. My belief is that you predicted the Tsunamis in Indonesia. They could be considered of nuclear proportions having taken over 150,000 lives and injuring even more. Cities and towns were completely obliterated and seas of dead bodies could be found in the ‘epicenters’. A tragedy not known since the Holocaust or Hiroshima/Nagasaki. It happened the day after Christmas…. in my opinion around the time of your predicted time frame. Except it was exactly one month earlier then the inauguration on 01/20. You nailed it. I have it on tape. Anna Long

Anna, Long Beach, CA; January 25, 2005


I, Adrian F. Torkington, do hereby attest as follows:

That on the morning of September 10, 1999 I consulted with clairvoyant, Ms. Lindy Baker, at my residence to seek her advice on certain business and personal undertakings I was then contemplating. During that session, Ms. Baker made certain predictions warning against travel to the US North East and, in particular, New York. Specifically, in that warning she predicted a bombing attack on the World Trade Center and that it would be “deadly.” As is her practice, Ms. Baker recorded our conversation on September 10, 1999 and left the tape recording at my home for me to review at my leisure. In the wake of the recent attack on the World Trade Center, I received a telephone call from Ms. Baker and we recalled our September 10, 1999 conversation. Subsequently, at Ms. Baker’s request, I prepared a copy of the original recording regarding her warning of September 10, 1999 and hereby attest and swear that it is a true, unedited and unaltered copy. Moreover, I can further attest that I have consulted with Ms. Baker on numerous occasions, before and after our September 10, 1999 meeting, and have always found her predictions and advice to be most insightful and accurate.

I hereby attest the foregoing is a true statement of fact.

Attest: Signature on file, Adrian F. Torkington, Coronado, California

Dated: 9/18/01

Prediction of War in Afghanistan & Iraq
March, 2001

“This is to certify that in the month of March, 2001 during a recorded session with Lindy Baker she had predicted that our nation would be at war. She further visioned the military forces preparing for war and readiness as the segments within the session indicates. I had this prediction tape recorded as follows; however, to protect the confidentiality of other parties associated with myself as mentioned within this taped session I have only taped the pertinent segments as it applies to subject prediction.” Patricia (Name Withheld) in file.

After losing my father, and step mother, I was told that I was the trustee of their estate. The estate plan that my father and step mother had made was coincidentally missing the distribution page. There are six children, three on each side. The eldest son of my step mother took EVERYTHING except the house that is worth close to a million, and had a new trust made up that benefited him and his two sisters. Lindy told me that there was another copy of the estate plan out there,and that there was a stamp on the documents, and whoever put the stamp on it new something or might have a copy. I thought the stamp that Lindy was talking about was the notary’s stamp, so I spent a few hours on the phone for about a week. I came to find out the stamp that Lindy told me about was on the cover of the estate plan documents binder in gold print. It says” The Estate Plan.” Oh my gosh if it had been a snake it would have bitten me. I did not know The Estate Plan was the name of the company that made the original documents, and apparently neither did my step brother. If he had, he would have gotten the last copy and destroyed it. So to make a long story short, I found the copy Lindy told me about. Thanks to you Lindy we have saved thousands of dollars in attorneys fees and 6 to 8 months of litigation in court. .Lindy you are a life saver, and to me you have always been.

Debbie M. – Montana – July 2006