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Lindy Baker - Clairvoyant Life Coach, Messenger, and Medium - 858-272-6463
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The Universe gave to a few ultra-special people the magical powers to see into the future, to communicate to those who have gone before us and to see the world with an ability the rest of us mere mortals do not have.  Lindy Baker is one of those “ultra-special people” who has been given gifts. She has solved mysterious homicides by working with police departments and assisted in guiding law enforcement to the evidence they needed to solve the crime.  She has helped immeasurable numbers of people trying to deal with the problems their life has dealt to them.  Her wisdom has guided many from pain to joy, from tears of sadness to tears of joy, from the paths of darkness to the paths of awareness and from a goalless life to a life of self-actualization. And since our friend Lindy knows that we all have a certain fear or uncertainty about the death of this life, she has written this book to help guide us towards the enlightenment we seek.  Very few in this world would share their after-life experiences.  Because they trust Lindy, they shared their special and unique experiences with her.  And because she wants to help guide all of us, Lindy has chosen to share those life/death experiences with us. Thank you, Lindy, for your wisdom, your guidance, your intuition, your balance and your unparalleled devotion to others. I truly thank you for your friendship of the last thirty-five years and thank you for this wonderful book. High regards,

Virginia M. Blumenthal
Attorney-at-law, 2022

I am reaching out to express my heart felt gratitude for the energy balancing session we had almost two weeks ago. The positive shifts and changes keep coming!! I shared with you and the class some work things that are going on. On top of this (and something a lot more important to me) is the shift in my health. I have suffered from heart issues since I was 16. Pretty scary to go to your first cardiologist appointment at that age, but I am in my 40s now, so have gotten used to it. I suffer from regular palpitations because of my heart issues which trigger my anxiety and in turn my panic attacks. I have not had a symptom since you and I spoke. AMAZING. There have been other health benefits along with my overall disposition... I am speechless. You are probably the most INCREDIBLE soul I have met in this lifetime. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am considering doing some more sessions with you. I believe you mentioned $300 for a package? Can you tell me about how it works, payment methods, etc.? I hope you have a blessed day. Thank you so so much!! Love, Janet V.

Janet V.

I just wanted to express my thankfulness and gratitude for you today! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your beauty, love and light with me and my family. I'm so incredibly grateful for all you are, all you do, and all you share with us and the world. SO incredibly grateful that you were meant to became such a beautiful part of our journey all those years ago and still. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend and day!

Julie P.

I've had debilitating stage fright for the last two decades so I came to Lindy for Energy Balancing in hopes that this might help. Since working with her, I've experienced a marked difference in my anxiety prior to public speaking or performing. With each session we have, my anxiety lessens. Just last week, I had to give two presentations and I didn't realize it until afterwards that I didn't have the normal overwhelming physical reactions I used to have. I still feel that I have more work to do but it's been such an encouragement to see and feel these changes already. I've also experienced positive changes in other areas of my life - areas that I didn't expect but am excited and grateful for. The most unexpected part of my Energy Balancing sessions have been the noticeable changes in my son. When we began working together, Lindy said that my progress would also affect my son's life as well. I wasn't sure how much or in what way but I didn't tell my son about the sessions at all. In the last few weeks, he's made HUGE strides to alter the direction of his life and is willing to do even more - so much so that he's uprooting where he is and moving across the country! I'm thrilled with what Energy Balancing has accomplished so far and I'm looking forward to seeing even more progress after more sessions!

Vicki L.

I am happy to write this testimonial for Lindy. I had previously done two sessions with Lindy, the first, five years ago when she predicted a little girl for me. To my surprise, my adopted daughter came into my life two months later.  For the last few years, I have felt that I had a lot of suppressed emotions that I had not dealt with. Though I had previously done therapy, those emotions were so present. During my last session with Lindy, she mentioned her Releasing Trapped Emotions program. So, I decided to give it a try and it has been one of the best decisions I made. I have had four sessions with Lindy and I can say that I feel as if so much has been lifted off me. I still have emotions about certain things that have happened but they are no longer negative or sad. When I look back and think about things that were previously hurtful, I get a sense of peace and a feeling that I have been able to let those trapped emotions go. I feel a sense of peace that I have not felt in a very long time.  Thank you, Lindy for sharing your gifts with us. You truly are a person that can change lives. 

Elena M.
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