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Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., world-renowned Life Skills Coach and Educator. Her skills are: Gifted Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium, Author, Speaker, Published Columnist, and Channel. Certifications in medical and clinical hypnotherapy, and NLP help her delve deep into human nature. She is an Empath above Empaths. Lindy is known for her accurate predictions of major events and conversations with those in the afterlife.

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2018 Psychic Predictions

When I went into my “trance state” to think about what we could expect in world events in 2018, the Higher Consciousness entitled the year: 2018: For the People, By the People – The People’s Take Over

In interpreting this, my head was filled with many visions.  To me, this will be a year when people actively bond together to bring back the honorable desires of the majority of the residents of the United States.  I didn’t see this as a year of lawlessness, nor did I feel it was a year of massive demonstrations (though I do see much of that), but more of a year of the individual and not that of special interests, lobbyist and politically driven goals and desires. Read More

Gifted Clairvoyant Lindy Baker


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Lindy is a frequent guest on the Unnormal Paranormal podcast and appears at various comedy clubs and events in Las Vegas and Southern California.

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Find your Personal Year 2018 in Numerology

Happy New Year 2018Ever since my early teens, I wrote down the birth date of people that I knew in order to conduct my own astrology and numerology research. Below are my own personal findings for what you might expect in your Personal Year 2018 in numerology. I explain how to find your Personal Year 2018 in numerology.

You may find my computations quite different than those of other numerologists, however keep in mind that my research is over a lifetime and based on speaking to thousands of people over the years and not just by reading a book or two on the subject. Feel free to forward this post to your family and friends, but do keep in mind this is copyrighted material and you must have my written authorization to reprint it in any form.  Thanks.

Happy New Year 2018
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Healing Meditation to Re-Energize Mind and Body

Instructions for this meditation for healing and re-energizing cells:
For the best results, sit in a quiet area with feet on the floor and your hands at your sides or in your lap, palms up, so that your circulation is uninhibited. You can also close your eyes, which would help you to focus on the words, in your own “mental” space.  All you have to do is listen to the words and do as they suggest.  This relaxation exercise is meant to re-energize your mind and body. It is suggested that you Do Not listen to it when you are driving or in an environment where it is important for you to be focusing on what you are doing. Please come back to the site often to replay it. I’m certain if you do, I am certain if you do, you will experience very positive results.     Lindy Baker (858) 272-6463   CLICK READ MORE TO ACCESS THE AUDIOS.
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Super Intuition Lindy Baker
Super Intuition – Psychic Flash, December 3, 2017

New for 2018 – A very special year in history.
Welcome to my Super Intuition – Psychic Flash blog posts. Sign up on the right hand side of this site to have these special posts go straight to your email. Your comments are welcome…please use the comment box below.
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The Amazing World of Human Energy Fields

Energy waves Waves canstockphoto11242822Jeff Chavey is the Creator, Producer and Facilitator of the “Unnormal Paranormal” podcast. Lindy Baker is a frequent guest on this podcast. The focus of this particular podcast is the amazing world of human energy fields, which would also affect how you interact with others on a subliminal level.  If you use the “Search” box on the upper right-hand side of the website, you can quickly find several Unnormal Paranormal guest podcasts.

This podcast is important for you the listener if you want to learn how the energy of another individual can affect your own, what an Empath is and many other practices and experiments to implement in your own life.

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“The Psychic Test” San Diego News Team


San Diego News team WB5 invited several psychics and astrologers
to participate for a story that they were doing hoping to expose psychics.
They approached Lindy Baker.  This clip is what they had to say about
Lindy Baker…”Best”

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Photo of the doorway between heaven and EarthThis is the retelling of a true event that occurred on February 9, 2009. A man who died gets a message to his sister on Earth in an unusual way, proving life after death exists.


By Lindy Baker

Early one morning my phone rang and though I was still half asleep, I answered. It was one of my clients who lived in another US time zone, who had no idea that where I lived it was only 6 a.m. I noted that she seemed quite hyper and excited. She blurted out that she had something happen that she thought was totally amazing and that she felt I should know right away, thus the early phone call. Read More

Lindy Baker Guest on Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Unormal Paranormal LogoUnnormal Paranormal  podcast  is hosted by Jeffrey Chavey of Pennsylvania. Below is a link to the podcast containing Lindy’s guest appearance on June 21, 2016.

Unnormal Paranormal Says
We speak to psychic and Life Coach Lindy Baker about her services and some important revelations she has for an upcoming event that will affect not only the United States but the world at large, the 2016 presidential election.
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World Renowned Psychic Medium Lindy Baker Shares Tales of the Afterlife

The following is an excerpt from Lindy Baker’s book, “To the Light and Back,” a peek at the afterlife, through twelve stories of near death experiences. It is available on Amazon and Create Space. 
Chapter 11 – Mexican Bridge Walk

Willy came to my house often to hang out with the other teenagers who gathered in my living room after school. Many of the kids had working parents who wouldn’t get home until early evening. They were always respectful and cleaned up any messes they made. He’d always been a bit louder and more energetic than any of the others who came to visit. Sometimes I thought he was at our house more often than he was at his own. Because of this, he came and talked to me after his near death experience.

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How to Win Lotteries

Millions of people spend a lot of time and money attempting to come up with the winning lotto numbers. Millions of people are obsessed with winning lotteries and spend hundreds of dollars every week trying to win. There are people actually selling methods on how to win lotteries, inventing various mathematical systems that they say will work to win it.  I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time in my 30 years in business I have been asked for the lotto and Power ball numbers.

Several times over the years, I’ve actually successfully picked the lotto numbers for some clients, but it was the Higher Consciousness that brought it into the session and not because those clients requested it. Read More

Mercury Retrograde December 2017

Mercury is retrograde from December 2/3, 2017 and remains retrograde until December 22, 2017.  A Super Moon adorns the sky at the same time that the retrograde begins.  (It’s a very full moon in Gemini.) December 16 thru 21 should be your best shopping days.  Expect cancellations and delays if traveling on December 22. Jupiter is semi-square Saturn which is more cranky than pleasant.  At least by December 25 the “foggy” and heavy planetary energy should pull back and a wonderful Venus in Capricorn put a Star on top of your family festivities.

Below are 10 things to do (and not do) in a Mercury Retrograde.

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Super Intuition Lindy Baker


Super Intuition – Psychic Flash, October 12, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio

Welcome to Lindy Baker’s Super Intuition – Psychic Flash

Jupiter is considered to influence luck. Its main qualities are
justice and the search for meaning as an individual. In Scorpio, this
planet is passionate, persistent and interested in all that is
mysterious, hidden or corrupted. Scorpio will put more pressure on our
releasing ourselves from attachments to behavior generated from the
past. Read More