Janet V

I am reaching out to express my heart felt gratitude for the energy balancing session we had almost two weeks ago. The positive shifts and changes keep coming!! I shared with you and the class some work things that are going on. On top of this (and something a lot more important to me) is the shift in my health. I have suffered from heart issues since I was 16. Pretty scary to go to your first cardiologist appointment at that age, but I am in my 40s now, so have gotten used to it. I suffer from regular palpitations because of my heart issues which trigger my anxiety and in turn my panic attacks.

I have not had a symptom since you and I spoke. AMAZING. There have been other health benefits along with my overall disposition… I am speechless. You are probably the most INCREDIBLE soul I have met in this lifetime. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am considering doing some more sessions with you. I believe you mentioned $300 for a package? Can you tell me about how it works, payment methods, etc.? I hope you have a blessed day. Thank you so so much!!

Janet V.