Vicky L.

I’ve had debilitating stage fright for the last two decades so I came to Lindy for Energy Balancing in hopes that this might help. Since working with her, I’ve experienced a marked difference in my anxiety prior to public speaking or performing. With each session we have, my anxiety lessens. Just last week, I had to give two presentations and I didn’t realize it until afterwards that I didn’t have the normal overwhelming physical reactions I used to have. I still feel that I have more work to do but it’s been such an encouragement to see and feel these changes already. I’ve also experienced positive changes in other areas of my life – areas that I didn’t expect but am excited and grateful for. The most unexpected part of my Energy Balancing sessions have been the noticeable changes in my son. When we began working together, Lindy said that my progress would also affect my son’s life as well. I wasn’t sure how much or in what way but I didn’t tell my son about the sessions at all. In the last few weeks, he’s made HUGE strides to alter the direction of his life and is willing to do even more – so much so that he’s uprooting where he is and moving across the country! I’m thrilled with what Energy Balancing has accomplished so far and I’m looking forward to seeing even more progress after more sessions!

— Vicky L.