2018 Psychic Predictions

When I went into my “trance state” to think about what we could expect in world events in 2018, the Higher Consciousness entitled the year: 2018: For the People, By the People – The People’s Take Over

In interpreting this, my head was filled with many visions.  To me, this will be a year when people actively bond together to bring back the honorable desires of the majority of the residents of the United States.  I didn’t see this as a year of lawlessness, nor did I feel it was a year of massive demonstrations (though I do see much of that), but more of a year of the individual and not that of special interests, lobbyist and politically driven goals and desires. Read More

The Amazing World of Human Energy Fields

Energy waves Waves canstockphoto11242822Jeff Chavey is the Creator, Producer and Facilitator of the “Unnormal Paranormal” podcast. Lindy Baker is a frequent guest on this podcast. The focus of this particular podcast is the amazing world of human energy fields, which would also affect how you interact with others on a subliminal level.  If you use the “Search” box on the upper right-hand side of the website, you can quickly find several Unnormal Paranormal guest podcasts.

This podcast is important for you the listener if you want to learn how the energy of another individual can affect your own, what an Empath is and many other practices and experiments to implement in your own life.

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Karmic Dissipation

Lindy Baker Favorite Psychic Medium 2013

My posts about the process of Karmic Dissipation will appear as a series.  You’ll want to scroll over and sign up on my mailing list to be sure to be notified when I’ve got those posts up. I’ll be including important information on how to know if you are in the process of Karmic Dissipation, and steps to get through it eliminating some of the devastation and desolation I’ve witnessed people experiencing going through the process. Even if you are not going through the process, the information may help you be there for, and understand, a friend or family member. 

Click the Read More to access the Unnormal Paranormal podcast with Jeffrey Chavey on the subject and for links to the reading materials mentioned in this information packed podcast that is sure to get you thinking it’s a story for The Twilight Zone.
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Lindy Baker on Hypnotherapy – Unnormal Paranormal

HYPNOSIS, A Tool for Healing

Lindy Baker podcast Unnormal ParanormalAre you one of the many people who often feel anxious, angry or depressed and struggle to understand exactly why? Medical pharmacy customer lines and psychiatrists offices are running at full capacity due in no small part to this phenomenon.

Consider this: Roughly 60,000 thoughts vie for your conscious attention compliments of the subconscious area of the brain and filtering out the positive from the negative. The rational from the irrational can overwhelm even the most robust mind. Today we speak to returning guest Lindy Baker, who in addition Read More

Lindy Baker Guest on Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Unormal Paranormal LogoUnnormal Paranormal  podcast  is hosted by Jeffrey Chavey of Pennsylvania. Below is a link to the podcast containing Lindy’s guest appearance on June 21, 2016.

Unnormal Paranormal Says
We speak to psychic and Life Coach Lindy Baker about her services and some important revelations she has for an upcoming event that will affect not only the United States but the world at large, the 2016 presidential election.
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Are Ghosts Real?


The Unnormal  Paranormal podcast is a fun podcast show that Lindy Baker is proud to participate in on a regular basis. Listeners from across the United States have found these podcasts to be fun and informative. 

Are Ghosts real? This session includes Lindy Baker, James Poston, Jef Chavey, and Kathy Dawson sharing information about some paranormal activities and ghost stories.  Included in the conversation are insights and instructions about all kinds of paranormal occurrences, and some regular human kind, too. Read More