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Are You Finding Tiny Feathers?


Are you finding tiny feathers in odd places? Quite a few of my Energy Balancing clients have reported finding tiny feathers on their mantel, in the kitchen, on the bedroom floor, etc. At close look these are unlike regular bird feathers.

I found one on the front seat of my car – even though the car was locked in my garage with no known way for a feather to get there.

While in Channel in a session, I reached out to my Source/God/Creator for an answer. What is the root of this phenomenon?

I LOVED the answer.

Remember how Angels and Archangels are represented in paintings as having these big feathery wings? These feathers that people are finding are symbolic of a peace loving, Divine love-filled energy presence coming onto the Earth plane meant to lift all humanity up from the current chaos, negativity, and hostile energy prevalent on Earth right now. It’s purpose is to restore the belief in Good.

So, these tiny little feathers that people are finding are MESSAGES for them that their prayers and desires are being received and answered by “their angels.” In fact, the message is for EVERYONE, not just a few.

If you find tiny feathers, picture this as if they are falling off the angels’ wings. Receive the message that you are a good person engulfed in vibrant energy and very much loved.

My Source tells me that although Angels are depicted with wings, it is their high vibration emanating out from them that gives the appearance of wings. Since I was raised Catholic and very much into angels due to their teachings, I prefer to see my angels with wings.

Typical feelings of a Divine presence are a feeling of a dip in air temperature, a cool breeze, a tingling on the crown of your head, or that something major is about to happen… Or leaving a tiny feather as a material world omen that better days are near.


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