April 8 Solar Eclipse

Clairvoyant Lindy Predicts April, 2024

Clairvoyant Lindy Predicts April, 2024

Clairvoyant Lindy predicts shocking events for April 2024 in this email to her client list.

April stands to be an exciting month both energetically and as world events occur. Spirit has said to me, “Hold on to your hats!” meaning the winds of change are moving in on the Earth in full force in April.

Because we are all different astrologically, our reactions to events taking place are also all distinctly separate. I’ve included this Special Deal for you to get a Reading/Coaching session for support and spiritual advice getting through to your life’s next step. Special Deal.  

The level of support we have in our lives definitely changes our reactions, attitudes and results of those major events. Our support may come from family, friends, coworkers, church associations, etc. It is true that our attitude toward the changes taking place makes the difference between whether our survival method of choice is Fight, Flight or Freeze. It is important that if you don’t have support that you reach out to find it right now.

Everything is moving forward fast, especially technologically – faster than most people are able to comprehend and apply to their daily lives. (Ai and Starlink satellites are just two examples of tech that is causing ripple effects across many occupations and lives.) I’ve added a link at the bottom of this email that let’s you see Earth from a listing of various satellites.

This year April Fool’s Day kicks off an intense 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde in the fiery constellation sign of Aries. Of course, in Aries there are more than enough opportunities for frustration, impatience and finding your temper out of control. It’s a good time to focus on applying this fierce energy to things that need to get done, especially ones that you can put physical energy into. (My physical energy is going into pulling weeds, whether I’d like to or not.)

Travel is unusually negatively affected by this retrograde. If your gut feeling is to NOT get on a plane or in a car, DON’T DO IT. It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also a better energy time to stay local. They say walking is good for you. So walk.

The sun is about to pull another disappearing act across North America, turning day into night during a total solar eclipse. The peak spectacle on April 8 will last up to 4 minutes 28 seconds in the path of total darkness – twice as long as the total solar eclipse that dimmed U.S. skies in 2017.

This eclipse will take a different and more populated route, entering over Mexico’s Pacific coast, dashing up through Texas and Oklahoma, and crisscrossing the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and New England, before exiting over eastern Canada into the Atlantic.

The moon will line up perfectly between the Earth and Sun, blotting out the sunlight. It will slice a diagonal line from the southwest to the northeast across North America, briefly plunging communities along the track into darkness.

Special eclipse glasses are crucial for safely observing the sun as the moon marches across the Sun. Bottom line: Never look at an exposed sun without proper protection any day of the year. The link above will lead you to cheap but effective glasses to view.

The next eclipse that affects the U.S. is an eclipse spanning coast to coast in 2045 which can be seen from Northern California to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

People and the Solar Eclipse
Eclipses really get people’s imaginations going. In all likelihood there are many expecting miracles and special spiritual energy to take place. Knowing that we can manifest what we want into our life path, I’d say go for it. Feel it emotionally and that is what will manifest it. (I’m still looking for the tech help I need to blast Mind Alchemy class out to the public though I do include it in reading and Emotion Code energy balancing sessions.)

In the past, those who were able to predict a solar eclipse used it to manipulate people. They would spread the word that on a certain date they would show their power in the sky. Then the eclipse would take place, and everyone would bow down to them as a god. It is said that Christopher Columbus is one of many who did this. Shame on Christopher Columbus

As tools were developed to see into space, a better understanding of how gravity and the solar system, the Sun and planets interact has put most of the old rituals to bed. This link is to FREE classes on Alison.com to learn astronomy. Astronomy

Fun stuff! Below is a link that leads to a site where you can view the Earth from the thousands of satellites that are now circling Earth. Spirit speaks to me of all this “space junk” negatively impacting Earth and all the planets around the Sun as the balance of gravitational pull and other energies and radio waves are affected. This is also part of the reason that we are experiencing extremes in our weather patterns.

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