Citizen’s Academy Graduate – North Las Vegas

Citizen’s Academy Graduate – North Las Vegas

Lindy Baker celebrates her commitment to support the local community and the North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada, as a Citizen’s Academy graduate, November 8, 2023.

In the past, the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office in Ohio presented Lindy with a Public Service Award for her efforts in establishing the first Victim/Witness Assistance program in the United States.

The Citizens’ Academies are 10-week programs designed to provide North Las Vegas residents with first-hand information about how their Police Department works. We encourage you to sign up today! (See below for links.)

North Las Vegas Citizens’ Academy
“Participation in the Academy requires a commitment of one night a week in a classroom setting for the 10-week period. Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the North Las Vegas Police Department Northwest Area Command, 3755 W. Washburn Road, North Las Vegas.

What is the purpose of the Academy?
The Academy is designed to increase understanding between citizens and the police through education. We acquaint residents with law enforcement’s role in the criminal justice system and provide a better understanding of the tasks police officers face in their daily work. With a foundation of communication, understanding and trust, we have found that it becomes easier for police and citizens to find realistic solutions to neighborhood problems together.

Who teaches the Academy sessions?
Instructors are North Las Vegas Police Department officers and civilian personnel who teach in their own areas of expertise. Each instructor has years of training and experience in the subject. The officers also bring street experience into the classroom.

What subjects are included?
Sessions include demonstrations by SWAT and information about such issues as domestic violence, use of force, major crimes and patrol. In one session, members will “fire” during a simulation exercise in the Firearms Training Simulator, which uses videotaped enactments of crimes to test reaction and speed.

Also, during the 10 weeks, Academy members will ride in a patrol car for one shift to experience firsthand what officers see and hear, and what they are trained to do under a variety of circumstances.

Throughout, participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss topics with Police Department personnel.

How are participants selected?
Our classes reflect the broadest possible range of our community, including folks of all ages, genders, backgrounds and interests. To apply for the Citizens’ Academy, call (702) 633-2899 or fill out an online application.”


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