“This Much We Know” Documentary

“This Much We Know” Documentary

Several years ago Director L. Frances Henderson contacted me for a Clairvoyant Reading session.  Since I am a verified Spirit Medium, she was interested in seeing if her friend who committed suicide would come through with any messages for her. At the time she was working on a documentary, “This Much We Know”. She was haunted and intrigued as to why the friend would have done such a thing. It seemed like an accident to her and not of intention.

This post is an excerpt of my reading session being placed into this documentary without my knowledge until the film was done and headed to the New York Documentary Film Festival in November, 2023

I record my sessions and send the complimentary copy of that recording to the client. I find it proves to be valuable, especially when information comes through from the Spirit World that the person would in all likelihood want to hear again.

As a part to the email that is sent with the recording, I always include the following Disclaimer:

Here is the COMPLIMENTARY copy of your session with Lindy Baker. You’re added to my mailing list. You get discounts for referrals. Before posting any part of the information on this recording publicly anywhere you MUST obtain WRITTEN PERMISSION from Lindy Baker. DISCLAIMER: No warranties or guarantees of ANY kind apply to your session, whether written nor implied. You’re paying for TIME. This session was recorded WITH YOUR PERMISSION at the start of the session. Lindy Baker retains SOLE RIGHTS to the original recording. https://lindybaker.com

Several years after Lily Henderson’s original session, she contacted me that her documentary was completed. This Much We Know, is about a 16-year old boy who had committed suicide by jumping from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This documentary, “This Much We Know” was released at film festivals in New York and Los Angeles in November, 2023.

Below is a video from that documentary. The complimentary audio session recordings were included in that film.  I thought you might find it interesting to see me at work as a Spirit Medium.

I’m told the film will be released in early 2024 digitally.  I’ll be sure to update this post with information for you to view the entire documentary.

Logline: While investigating the suicide of Las Vegas teenager Levi Presley, a filmmaker uncovers the story of a city with the highest suicide rate in the country and a nation scrambling to bury decades of nuclear excess in a nearby mountain.


Excerpt  with Lindy Baker in trance.       THIS MUCH WE KNOW 

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