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Story of Dead Brother’s Life-Changing Message

This is the retelling of a true event.

A man who died gets a message to his sister on Earth in an unusual way, proving life after death exists.

By Lindy Baker

Early one morning my phone rang and though I was still half asleep, I answered. It was one of my clients who lived in another US time zone, who had no idea that where I lived it was only 6 a.m. I noted that she seemed quite hyper and excited. She blurted out that she had something happen that she thought was totally amazing and that she felt I should know right away, thus the early phone call.

No way can I knowingly kill someone’s Joy, even if it is 6 a.m., so I sat up quickly and forced myself more awake to listen. The day prior she’d had a late evening phone session with me. Near the end of that session, I had one of those Spirit voices in my head that said, “Tell Mia that her brother is so much happier now than it was possible for him to be while he lived on earth.”

Now you might not be prone to having things like this happen, but I do. I speak to the dead almost all day every day. That’s the world I live in–a world where there are these voices chatting away with me, interacting with me, all day as if I have invisible best friends hanging out. I live in that world for real where people who have passed on and what I call angels and archangels chat away in a natural and normal way to me with messages for people on earth who need to hear those messages.

The day of the session when I had spoken to her, her brother, who had committed suicide, came through with some messages for her. Toward the end of the session, she asked if there was anything else her brother had to say before we hung up. He said “yes” he had a message for her to give Mia. At first, she didn’t recognize that she knew anyone named Mia. Then she remembered that she had met Mia at Grief Counseling after the death of her brother to get through the trauma of it all. Mia’s brother had also taken his own life. “But, I met Mia long after he died,” she insisted. This doesn’t matter since there really is NO SUCH THING as TIME as we know it in the spirit world.

Nonetheless, the voice continued to tell me to urge her to contact Mia right away and tell her that her brother is happy and doing fine. He wanted to be sure that Mia got the message. She agreed to tell Mia. That was how the session ended: “Tell Mia that her brother is happy and doing fine.”

So now it’s 6 a.m. and I’m listening to her in this telephone call to determine why she is as excited and jumping around in her conversation as she is, gushing with statements of joy and amazement. I personally think what happened is quite amazing.

The young woman told me that she decided to text message Mia a bit later after the call. Mia immediately called her back, in tears, but also in Joy. Mia never believed in anything like life after death. She believed that there was a heaven and a hell and when we died we are just dead.

Mia had been lying in bed crying, her first night alone after a divorce. In her aloneness and misery, she lay in bed praying and wishing she could know for sure that her brother was in heaven and no longer suffering. She begged that maybe “someone up there” could send her a sign that he was fine and in heaven with the angels. At that very instant as she screamed that prayer plea to the empty walls of her bedroom, her cellphone went off with a text message. She rubbed the tears from her eyes to peer at the screen of her iphone. The message was, “I spoke with a Spirit Medium tonight and got a message from my brother. He said your brother wanted me to tell you that he is happy and doing fine.”

Mia couldn’t believe her eyes. Instantly she stopped crying and read the message again and again. At the very instant that she was praying for word from someone in heaven that her brother was okay, she got a text message stating that her brother said that he is happy and doing fine!

What happened is much too strong a coincidence of perfect timing to be anything other than a heavenly message. She now believes in life after death. She also knows and believes that her brother is one of her guardian angels that can and does watch over her. And because of the timing of it all, she knows that her brother is happy and doing fine.

Lindy Baker, M.Ed., C.E.C.P., Clairvoyant Life Coach, “Top 10 Psychics” Globe Magazine, “Favorite Psychic Medium” About. com, WB5 News San Diego CA, “The Best”, Public Service Award Stark Co. Prosecutor’s Office

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Copyright © Lindy Baker. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Lindy Baker, 2012. All rights reserved.