Manifesting Good Things

A huge key to manifesting good things into your life is to keep your frequency or physical vibration High. This can be experienced as feeling up, inspired, determined, or focused.
If you can’t figure out why you are not bringing great things into your life, you might pay attention to how often you state what you DON’T want instead of what you DO want.
Pay attention to how much you gripe, b****, complain, and judge or rebuke others. These things all tear down your frequency, and instead you manifest those events that are on that lower vibration.
On a lower vibration we increase our problems, crises, traumas, blocks to things that would bring joy, and bad luck.
Yes, being grateful raises the frequency. But if being grateful is just some kind of statement that you make without that feeling of real true gratitude, it creates nothing. There is no movement in your frequency.
Imagine the thing that you want and feel the joy that you would feel if you got it. If doing a “gratitude” exercises, stop what you are doing and really feel it in your chest.

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