Coronavirus Covid-19 Psychic Prediction


If you are new to my page, please note that normally I strive to keep my readings very much to the positives to look forward to. Inevitably there will be sessions with “bad news.”  What I strive for is to ask the Higher Consciousness how this event can be eliminated, avoided and changed, thus avoiding it. To me, that is the blessing of having and using your intuition, psychic ability, clairvoyance — whatever label you would like to affix to it.  I believe our Creator meant it to be our survival instinct to protect us on Earth.

So, to the issue at hand and thus my preface about the “bad news” I am posting “bad news”.

Yes, you need to take the coronavirus seriously! And check with your medical professionals immediately if you believe you have signs indicating you may have been infected.

I do believe it will pop up alive in hundreds suddenly.

Masks will never protect you unless they cover your entire body, because you have other holes in your body. Did you know your skin has pores in it? Those are tiny holes. This is why things put on your skin are absorbed into your circulation, therefore body.  I am not a doctor, so I don’t diagnose and cannot and will not give you extensive information.  Google that for yourself.

My reason for this post is to have you take your own health into consideration.

My recommendation is to get an air purifier/ionizer for your home.  I recommend the one listed here because I bought one myself and used it for two months for a bronchial infection.  It has reduced my issue tremendously, plus left my home feeling clean and energized.

This product has a setting that basically sterilizes your room extensively.  There is a CAUTION because no pets or humans can be in the room during this 2-hour cycle.

Another thing I LOVE about it is that the machine shuts off during inactivity in the room in its regular cycles.  When anyone comes within 5 feet of the unit, it turns on automatically.  There are several cycles on the device.

I am posting this particular product also because it is inexpensive. You may find other air purifiers that will do the job for you. There are many for sale on Amazon.  I am not recommending any in particular, because I have not personally experienced the use of them.

Trekoo Air Purifier Disinfector Air Ionizer

and yes, I will get a teeny commission if you buy this product. It might be all of 5 cents. I must post this disclaimer by law.

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