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Healing Meditation to Re-Energize Mind and Body

Instructions for this meditation for healing and re-energizing cells:
For the best results, sit in a quiet area with feet on the floor and your hands at your sides or in your lap, palms up, so that your circulation is uninhibited. You can also close your eyes, which would help you to focus on the words, in your own “mental” space.  All you have to do is listen to the words and do as they suggest.  This relaxation exercise is meant to re-energize your mind and body. It is suggested that you Do Not listen to it when you are driving or in an environment where it is important for you to be focusing on what you are doing. Please come back to the site often to replay it. I’m certain if you do, I am certain if you do, you will experience very positive results.     Lindy Baker (858) 272-6463   CLICK READ MORE TO ACCESS THE AUDIOS.
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Lindy Baker on Hypnotherapy – Unnormal Paranormal

HYPNOSIS, A Tool for Healing

Lindy Baker podcast Unnormal ParanormalAre you one of the many people who often feel anxious, angry or depressed and struggle to understand exactly why? Medical pharmacy customer lines and psychiatrists offices are running at full capacity due in no small part to this phenomenon.

Consider this: Roughly 60,000 thoughts vie for your conscious attention compliments of the subconscious area of the brain and filtering out the positive from the negative. The rational from the irrational can overwhelm even the most robust mind. Today we speak to returning guest Lindy Baker, who in addition Read More


Allow me to explain what I mean by how to see behind you.  There are ways to enhance our ability to see things that are in our peripheral view without turning to look. This article post is about learning one simple but very effective way to expand your awareness.

Why would you want to expand your awareness? Because having this enhanced ability can help sense danger or see things occurring outside of your line of vision.

Some people who grew up in circumstances where there was a lot of danger around them learned to do this automatically.  Once I met a cat burglar and I saw right away that he basically had eyes in the back of his head! He had expanded awareness. Read More

Are Ghosts Real?


The Unnormal  Paranormal podcast is a fun podcast show that Lindy Baker is proud to participate in on a regular basis. Listeners from across the United States have found these podcasts to be fun and informative. 

Are Ghosts real? This session includes Lindy Baker, James Poston, Jef Chavey, and Kathy Dawson sharing information about some paranormal activities and ghost stories.  Included in the conversation are insights and instructions about all kinds of paranormal occurrences, and some regular human kind, too. Read More