Year of the Dragon 2024


2024 is going to be anything but dull. To write this year’s predictions, I’ve used numerology, Flying Star Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, and my abilities as a Clairvoyant to have visions of the future.

Therefore, I am breaking my information into FOUR posts that you can find on my website The Year of the Dragon, Flying Star Feng Shui, Numerology 2024 and my 2024 Predictions. 2024 is that kind of year!

Thinking of what can happen in 2024 takes my breath away. Everything indicates the Year of 2024 to be a time when the history of the world is once again changed as it was in 2001 with the destruction of the Twin Towers and the shutting down of the world due to the pandemic.

That doesn’t have to mean that everything is horrible or a bad thing!  Change is change. Many people react to any change as being negative. But change can also bring much needed rectification of ways and thinking that have gotten the World off track.

The key to getting through it all is, as always, to focus on what is happening that is good and beneficial and to find ways to avoid reacting to fear-based thinking.

Year of the Dragon
In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is a powerful and majestic mythic symbol associated with courage, strength, good fortune, and transformation.

The Year of the Dragon is associated with the elements of Earth and Wood, representing stability, growth, and adaptability. The Dragon is an indicator of change and transformation, signifying the shedding of old habits, embracing new beginnings.

Dragons are the guardians of wealth and power, which is why the Emperor of China uses the Dragon as symbolic of his imperial power.

People born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be charismatic, with above average intelligence and leadership qualities. And they are ambitious, confident, and charismatic. They are known to be extremely assertive and often aggressively pursue money and power.

So, this year, we will see the battle of all battles for the control of money and power. As a result, countries and people who have represented Money and Power will fail. There will be battles, disputes and wars, but also meetings and times to reach accord among nations and people. A “galactic nation” will be formed.

Underneath all the “noise” on the surface, the Year of the Dragon is associated with opulence and economic growth. It brings good fortune and luck, babies, and weddings.

Businesses and individuals should view this year of 2024 as a fantastic time to embark on new ventures, investments, or projects, as the Dragon’s powerful energy will guide them towards success.

My advice? Though there will be huge changes in the way we live our daily life and hurdles in what we are doing and planning, it still promises to be a time of inspiration, growth, and uplifting energy. There will always be those that moan and groan over events, delighting in controlling through fear. Ignore them.

Here’s where to focus in 2024:

  • Focus your energy like an arrow on a target.
  • Embrace the opportunities for positive transformation.
  • Navigate the year with courage, resilience, and a belief that good fortune is yours for the asking.
  • Dream and then act on those dreams boldly.

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