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Year 2024 Flying Star Feng Shui

While researching for my 2024 predictions, I was drawn to Feng Shui, which is one of my favorites when it comes to understanding and controlling the energies around us for our maximum benefit. Flying Star Feng Shui s is an ancient Chinese method of divination.

Basics of Flying Star Feng Shui
According to Flying Stars, we have been systematically transitioning to the close of a major 20-year cycle that began in 2004.

The charts indicate that transition of this cycle began in December of 2020… which coincides with my prior prediction of what Spirit called “Karmic Dissipation” – the end of karmic bonds to others in our interactions on Earth. The manifestation of this occurred as the worldwide pandemic of 2020.

This also coincides with the ending of an 11-year cycle when the Sun’s magnetic field completely flips, as it does every 11 years.

It is a time that will be ruled by the element of FIRE (spirit of transformation) and will bring about a mass global awakening.

Fire energy is also the direction of abundance, fame, and wealth.

Within this FIRE, is the female element. It is believed that this period will shift into a moment where more women transition into positions of authority through this 20-year cycle. (That leads me to believe that having a woman for President of the United States is highly possible.)

During this 20-year cycle, it is important that leadership rule through the Heart, Soul and Spiritual Direction as these are the energies that are supported in the Fire energies.

Of great consequence, don’t get caught up in the allure and illusion that is also triggered in a time of this kind of power.  Nothing will fall into place automatically without Action.

You will be required to act, to move, and create. Your mind must be focused on your goals and direction. What comes out of your thoughts designs your future.

This is an INCREDIBLE time to LET GO and release, reset, and dissolve the last 20 years of your life and jump into your new future.

After all, you can’t change the past — you can only change today, which will change your tomorrow.

Understanding Flying Star Feng Shui
Flying Star Feng Shui is a method that the Chinese use for analyzing and enhancing the energy (Qi) in a specific location to promote harmony, balance, and buoyant outcomes.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, there are nine sections that are organized into groups representing the Heavenly, Earthly and Human. One of the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are assigned to each star.

When the Fire element star overshadows a particular section, it brings with it the qualities associated with Fire.

Fire is associated with vitality, motivation, energy, enthusiasm, and passion. Therefore, it is linked to personal growth – evolution – favorable changes. It’s also socially driven and embraces an energy of interacting and communicating with others.

If your goal in 2024 is to overcome obstacles and make positive life changes, this is the time to set your goals and take action.

Fire’s color matches that of burning fire: Orange, red and yellow. These are outstanding colors to incorporate into your surroundings during this year cycle.

Fire intensifies Passion. Passion is something we are drawn to as humans, however, intense passion also brings the potential for heated conflicts. Therefore, it’s important to manage this energy appropriately, such as channeling emotions into drawing, painting, writing and elements that promote calmness and balance. Meditation and yoga will fast become the practice of the day. There should be a lot of babies conceived, along with many more weddings.

It’s not a good time to get high out roaming around. Rash impulses can cause tragic life consequences.

It’s crucial to create an environment that is harmonious, especially with aromatic smells, flow, sounds of dripping fountains, and comfortable seating.

Fire years bring our passions, dreams, and desires into play in 2024.

(c) Lindy Baker
Gifted Clairvoyant & Life Coach

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