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Tales of the Afterlife

Many people wonder what the afterlife is like.  In this Tale of the Afterlife, Willy relates his own true story of having a near death experience. The following is an excerpt from Lindy Baker’s book, “To the Light and Back,” a peek at the afterlife, through twelve stories of near death experiences. It is available on Amazon. 

Chapter 11 – Mexican Bridge Walk

Willy came to my house often to hang out with the other teenagers who gathered in my living room after school. Many of the kids had working parents who wouldn’t get home until early evening. They were always respectful and cleaned up any messes they made. He’d always been a bit louder and more energetic than any of the others who came to visit. Sometimes I thought he was at our house more often than he was at his own. Because of this, he came and talked to me after his near death experience.

“My blood alcohol level had to be over 3.0 when I fell. We’d started drinking beer around 10 a.m. and then decided to head down from San Diego to Tijuana and then to Rosarito Beach to hit the bars and jump in the ocean by a bar named Papas & Beer. Some of the group weren’t 21 yet. Bars in TJ look the other way if they know you have a fake ID because you’re under legal age.”

“We parked on the U.S. side of the border and walked across to the Mexico side. There’s a bridge that goes over the roadway that has a broad concrete wall. A couple of us jumped up and walked on it, quickly passing the huge crowd that was crossing the same way.”

“When we finally got to Rosarito, we had a great time buying shots of tequila for each other. We called it ‘To Kill Ya’ because it’s pretty fierce alcohol. Some of us jumped in the ocean and swam for awhile, body surfing in the waves. Then we headed back to the bar and had some more shots of tequila. I barely recall leaving the bar or the cab ride back to TJ. I do recall jumping up on that concrete wall again to go back to the U.S. side. I stopped for a minute to look at how little the people seemed down below. Before I knew it, I decided that I could fly. In disbelief that it was me doing it, I jumped.”

“I remember feeling excruciating pain and thinking that must have been when I hit the dirt below. There was a kind of spraying of color all around me and it led to an area that was really bright, some distance from me. I recognized my friends, and was telling them what I’d done when I realized they were standing over my body, looking down.”

“I looked down too and as I did, I looked closely at my face. I had dark circles under my eyes and my skin looked old for a young guy. I got totally sad seeing myself through what seemed somebody else’s eyes. It was shocking. Something different happened that day. I broke my legs and ankles, wrists and arms in several places. The doctors said that what saved me was the fact that I was so drunk. I must have been more flexible or something.”

“I actually think it was something else. It’s as if I remember this thought about it not being my time yet and that I needed to go back and have fun, but stop wasting my life. I did that – I stopped drinking, went to counseling, and started feeling my way through life.”

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