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This podcast, “Pet Messages from Beyond” was recorded prior to the passing of my beautiful Boxer dog, Tigra, on May 24, 2019. 

For more than 30 years, I’ve held Clairvoyant sessions with people of all walks of life. Many of these included messages from people who had passed over and had reconnected with their pets and had them with them. Ultimately, I am therefore speaking from experience in this “Pet Messages from Beyond” podcast.  Pet souls have evolved as evidenced by the fact that they are no longer outside, but have become Prime Members of our households.

After my beloved dog passed, I sat with his body for a while, thinking that it was definitely time for him to return to God and be free of his 14-year old dog body, which had cancer and a very large inoperable tumor.

Suddenly I had the most beautiful young male voice distinct and loud in my head. (As a Spirit Medium I am quite used to living with such an ability.) The voice said, “I’m okay. I’m right here. I’ll always be right here.” I wish I had a recording to play back that sound, which seemed more than heavenly after I reflected on it! It was the voice of a young man and quite melodic. My whole body filled with Light. The message was quite unexpected.

In the last days before his passing, he couldn’t get up easily anymore from his beds, he had to be lifted into the car for rides, (which he absolutely loved), and he had to be lifted onto my bed where he slept. He still had a good appetite, but could no longer chew his doggie-breath bones.

For a while after the tumor appeared, he was his jumpy happy Boxer self.  But in the last three months, I fed him cooked chicken along with his dog food and some pet vitamins to put him back in the energy spectrum again, along with energy healings. He lasted a year longer than expected.

I know he kept hanging on for me. I actually had conversations with my dog, and we could understand each other, as I know many pet parents will tell you in their own special connection with their pets. Pets can and do communicate with their human.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.  I want you to know that animals now have an evolved energy.  They aren’t hanging out on some Rainbow Bridge.  I am not sure who made that up, but as a TRUE Clairvoyant and Spirit Medium, I can tell you from seeing people who have passed over reunited with all their pets and so forth that the animal soul has evolved, the same as the human soul has, to that it has a new strength and bonding.

Another myth I’d like to dispel is that any soul needs any human on Earth to help it to the Light.  They know where the Light is better than anyone (with that huge ego does) on Earth.

Love to you.

Lindy Baker, Clairvoyant Life Coach





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