Facts About Astrology

Planets circle the sunMany people mistakenly see Astrology as a way to predict outcomes in their future when in reality, astrology predicts the Potential that exists for certain events to occur. Here are some facts about astrology.

It’s time to learn what astrology can and cannot do.

Astrology does not predict future events. Taking into consideration where the planets are in our Universe indicates the potential that exists that will affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Astrology is about influences. Think of it as a “weather forecast.”  Think of interpreting an astrological conjunction as saying something like this:  It’s going to rain. Knowing it is going to rain, you then reflect on your choices.  Should I stay home? Should I take my umbrella with me?  Should I drive slowly because the roads are slick?

The planets involved and their placement in the atmosphere around the Earth (major astrological conjunctions) might indicate that along with the rain, there might also be instances of hail, wind or maybe snow.

YOU decide how you want to adapt to the conditions these astrological positions present.

For example, there is a significant astrological position called Mercury Retrograde. During a Mercury RX, it is important to know that electronics and communication are impacted.  Large purchases such as homes, cars, airplanes is also discouraged since it seems these are negatively impacted.  During this time electronics break down, communication gets screwed up, luggage lost, and so forth. Read more about it here.

Think about this.  Why is it that astrologists only tell you AFTER an event happened what the astrological conjunctions were that caused it?  Because astrology does NOT predict events, only the potential for certain events to happen.

This might be information you just don’t want to believe. After all, how many people look at their daily horoscope.  And tell me, if it says you are going to have a bad day, you pretty much focus on what is bad about the day.  But if that horoscope tells you what the good elements are, you will focus on and have that great day.  Those horoscopes are general.  They do not take into account that you had about 10 planets as an influence at the time of your birth.  So the next time you read an astrology column that tells you what a bad day or year you are going to have, remember that these are only conditions to be considered and make up your mind to have a great day or a great year anyway.

Note: Lindy Baker’s Astroblog (an astrology and advice column) appeared in   Fun & Fit Life magazine of Las Vegas, Nevada, for ten years.

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