Betrayed by your Beliefs

Coming out of the pandemic, there are many fractured people that have “Belief Betrayal.” Are you betrayed by your beliefs?

Here’s what I mean: We’re given a framework for what we expect about our life – what is our destiny, our purpose, and rules to live by – if you want to be successful and so forth. That is our Belief foundation and is established by our family, teachers, social media and peers.

When the pandemic hit, every belief was put to the test. Even though people were working hard and doing all the “right things” that they were taught, they lost their income, businesses, jobs, homes and so forth. The belief was that it wasn’t supposed to happen to them. They experienced deaths in the family of all ages. That wasn’t supposed to happen to THEM. That’s Belief Betrayal.

What matters to me for the future is to help people rebuild that lost hope, faith, happiness and reasons to feel alive again. It’s hard to accept that the world will never be the same in many ways. But we must if we are to regain balance, survive and thrive in our new world.

A few years ago, while I was in the trance state referred to as “channeling,” I saw this time of complete change referred to in the Higher Consciousness as Karmic Dissipation. (Readers can find that podcast and other articles and podcasts that I think will be helpful for them on my website.)

My goal for 2022 is to offer training and classes to assist people to find the balance they need to recreate themselves to get through these challenging times that were brought on by the pandemic.  And of course, people are experiencing positive emotions and clarity as a result of experiencing my Emotional Release Energy Balancing. I highly recommend a few weekly sessions of this fabulous modality to help get the anxiety, depression, helplessness feelings gone without effort. Testimonials

What is Emotional Release Energy Balancing?

Quantum physics has given the world a new understanding of just how much energy affects everything.  It’s said that, “Energy is everything and everything is energy.” This is a very long subject by the way, so the explanation offered here is very brief.  When you sign up for your first energy balancing, I will fully explain what is taking place.

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Emotions are very powerful. They are a form of energy. This energy gets stuck in our energy field and creates such things as anxiety, stress, sadness, depression and so forth. Using muscle testing and magnetics, I’m able to clear these trapped emotions, emotional baggage, out of the energy field.

Clients express a multitude of positives as a result, even after one session, things such as, “I feel lighter,” “I’m sleeping better,” “My back pain is gone,” “My emotions seem organized now.” They report health issues and sometimes a reduction in physical pain.

I think it helps also to consciously recognize that what is most likely at the root of your feeling lost, helpless, anxious, depressed etc. is due to BELIEF BETRAYAL, i.e., Life has not lived up to the beliefs that were imbedded in your unconscious mind during your childhood and teens.

Let’s get together soon and see what working together on your energy field can do. My sessions are held on Zoom or Facebook Video so that you can see what I am doing while I am doing it.  It also means it doesn’t matter where you liveCall or text to (858) 272-6463.

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