Covid-19 – Global Karmic Reset – Unnormal Paranormal | Podcast

Recorded August 17, 2017

Lindy Baker has spoken publicly about “Karmic Dissipation” since 1990.  The first worldwide change was in 2001 with the bombing of the Twin Towers, which she predicted prior to it happening and has signed affidavits to prove.

She connects Covid-19 as a part of that process and states that everyone will experience this process known by physical scientists as dissipation by the time year 3000 occurs. Listen to Lindy Baker with host Jeffrey Chavey on the Unnormal Paranormal podcast.



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Lindy Baker is an American world-renowned, Gifted Clairvoyant & Life Skills Coach, (psychic), Spirit Medium and Messenger. New Service! Lindy is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.  Whether you’re struggling with relationship questions and issues or career and business decisions, you’ll benefit from talking to Lindy. Main office: (858) 272-6463. Testimonials and other information are available at and

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