Psychic Development Training

Psychic Development Training


Allow me to explain what I mean by how to see behind you.  There are ways to enhance our ability to see things that are in our peripheral view without turning to look. This article post is about learning one simple but very effective way to expand your awareness.

Why would you want to expand your awareness? Because having this enhanced ability can help sense danger or see things occurring outside of your line of vision.

Some people who grew up in circumstances where there was a lot of danger around them learned to do this automatically.  Once I met a cat burglar and I saw right away that he basically had eyes in the back of his head! He had expanded awareness.

In military training the personnel learn ways to survey their surroundings with that same expanded awareness although they may use a different term to describe it.

Just try this a couple of times and see what happens!

It’s best to practice this indoors first and then, when you think you have it down, move to any location you want and practice it.

When done correctly, you’ll find your focus in life changing and you’ll notice many more things around you than you do now.



Choose a spot on the opposite wall from where you are going to sit for this exercise.

In the beginning, it is helpful to tape or tack a big letter “x” written on a piece of paper. (Later after doing it this way a few times, you can choose a focal spot without having to use the paper “x”.)

Remember to put the “x” as high on the wall as you can so that when you look at it, you must look up with your head and eyes.

Now sit where and how you are most comfortable facing the “x”. It is best if it is eight feet or more in front of you. Relax.

Stare at the “x” for about a minute or so. Keeping your eyes on that spot, attempt to see as much as you can possibly see all around you to both sides, without turning your head, and without removing your eyes from the x. Can you see all the things around you? What is behind your shoulder to the left? What is behind your shoulder to the right?

How aware of them are you: Can you get the peripheral objects to become more clear? Remember, do not move your direct sight from the “x”. See only with your peripheral vision.

Try this for about five minutes. Do you see a difference in what you are noticing when you then get up and continue your day?

After you have done this practice for about a week or so, move outdoors and choose a focal point high up a distance from you and look only through your peripheral vision at all the things around you.

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