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How to Win Lotteries

lotto numbers in a clear ballMillions of people spend a lot of time and money attempting to come up with the winning lotto numbers. They attempt to figure out how to win the lotto studying various mathematical systems that will work to win it.  I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time in my 30 years in business I have been asked for the lotto and Power ball numbers.

Several times over the years, I’ve actually successfully picked the lotto numbers for some clients, but it was the Higher Consciousness that brought it into the session and not because those clients requested it.

On occasion I’ve had some heckler taunt me with: “If you’re so psychic why can’t you pick the lotto numbers?”  The answer is pretty simple, I think.

Lotto numbers are drawn onto lightweight balls that are made of some type of plastic. Those little white balls are inanimate objects (lifeless, non-living). They don’t feel emotions, so therefore they don’t create peak emotional experiences that leave an imprint on their surface.  (There is no aura either.) Lotto balls are inanimate objects. That would be the same as reading a chair, a table, or a pot.  Books are inanimate objects and I have read them.  (That last sentence is to make you laugh.)

When I am in a session with a client, I’m looking for peak emotional experiences.  There is an imaginary line that I look at that goes from a person’s beginning on earth this time, to the end of their life this time on earth. As I move my consciousness along that line, I’ll see blobs of energy (affected atoms and molecules) that are created as a result of the peak emotional experiences.  My next step is to see what created that blob of energy through a very high level of concentration and, therefore, higher consciousness.

From time to time, I’ve looked down the timeline and actually saw a beautiful exploding ball of energy and upon concentrating on it saw that the client would be jubilant over an inheritance, winning a prize or some other high moment.  Then, the numbers would come, and I would give them to the client and strive for the accurate date that they should use them. 

One couple, police dispatchers, won over $3 million dollars.  Another won $500…that event changed her life because she believed that nothing lucky could ever happen to her. A message came through with it that she could BELIEVE her life would change to one of joy instead of a very difficult childhood that she had, and the universe was giving her the numbers in order to prove that to her. Yet another didn’t buy the ticket that day, the numbers hit so she didn’t get any money.  There were others, too.

Now it could very well be that only people that are destined to win do win.  However, I have seen and truly believe that we can create these huge balls of energy by creating JOY and then place that energy on the timeline for our future and manifest winning the lotto.  We might then dream the numbers, or buy a quick pick that hits, automatically pick the winners, or even find a winning ticket. 

There’s also a better way to cure our money woes without winning the lotto.  To me, it would take a tremendous amount of energy to beat out all the other winners. Why not make a list of the things that you would do and buy with your huge amount of money and ask the universe for them one at a time?  There’s a method I use to manifest and it works.  I call it Mind Alchemy.  It’s really possible to have all that you need and more.


Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., CHt. is a Life Skills Coach, Gifted Clairvoyant, columnist, medium and author. She provides private, confidential readings and transformational coaching via telephone for clients and businesses all over the world.  Lindy’s number is (858) 272-6463.  Testimonials and other information are available at https://lindybaker.com along with her blog of tips and tricks for living life at your best.