Humans have many emotions.

How High is Your Emotion Quotient?

By embodying these 10 traits, emotionally intelligent individuals cultivate better relationships, effective communication, and overall well-being for themselves and those around them. How high is YOUR Emotion Quotient?

1. Emotional Awareness
Individuals with high emotional intelligence possess a keen awareness of their own emotions and the emotions of others. They practice self-reflection and empathy, enabling them to understand different perspectives.

2. Thought Control
While they might not always control their initial emotional responses, emotionally intelligent individuals can manage their thoughts effectively. By monitoring their thinking patterns, they avoid becoming overwhelmed by their emotions.

3. Embracing Constructive Criticism
Highly emotionally intelligent people welcome constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth and learning. They ask themselves how they can use feedback to improve rather than feeling defensive or dismissing it outright.

4. Thoughtful Action
Before reacting impulsively, emotionally intelligent individuals take a moment to pause and consider the appropriateness of their actions. This ability helps them make well-thought-out decisions rather than being driven solely by momentary emotions.

5. Authenticity
Being genuine and sincere in their words and actions is a hallmark of emotionally intelligent individuals. They align their behavior with their principles, creating a sense of trust and reliability in their interactions.

6. Giving Genuine Praise
Emotionally intelligent people recognize the importance of expressing genuine appreciation for others. Their praise is specific and heartfelt, fostering a positive and supportive environment that aids in emotional healing.

7. Apologizing Gracefully
Offering apologies demonstrates empathy, humility, and a willingness to prioritize relationships over personal ego. Emotionally intelligent individuals are not afraid to say they’re sorry when necessary.

8. Embracing Forgiveness
Instead of holding onto grudges, emotionally intelligent individuals practice forgiveness. They understand that forgiveness is essential for emotional healing and growth, even if they don’t forget past hurts entirely.

9. Serving Others Selflessly
Emotional intelligence is characterized by a strong sense of self and a willingness to help others. Emotionally intelligent individuals naturally look for ways to support and serve others.

10. Recognizing Emotional Manipulation
Highly emotionally intelligent people can sense when someone is trying to emotionally manipulate them. They are adept at recognizing such situations and know when it’s appropriate to step away from such influences.

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