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An Ancient Heart Meditation

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When you use the ancient astral level method of meditation that I outline below, you’ll bring about a more peaceful energy immediately. It’s a meditation to touch the hearts of other people and connect them to your own. It’s something you can do waiting at an airport, on the plane, relaxing at home, or even while with other people in the room.

Sit back and relax where you know you will be comfortable. Your feet should be on the floor to ground your energy. Place the palms of your hands together to connect the flow of energy in your body.

Think about or write down the names of all the major players in your life.

Then, in a relaxed and meditative state, imagine your heart beginning to glow brightly with all the love you feel and all the love you need.

Imagine that you heart becomes a hand that can reach any distance in the universe to where they are, touching their heart.  Imagine energy flowing from your heart to theirs.

Do this one-by-one to each of them.  It might help you to place your left hand in the area of your heart. Envisioning this touching of their heart with yours connects you.

Then feel within your own heart what energy they send back. Your first impression is usually correct, the inner you knows –it cannot lie. Keep it simple. Decide solely whether their energy brings you “up” or “down.” If it brings you down, send the love to their heart again. Imagine their heart area filling like a balloon.

If this kind of meditation comes easy for you, you might want to add the following to the beginning of your meditation:

World Meditation for Balance and Flow
When next you meditate, imagine the planet Earth in the palm of your hand. Imagine all the people on that little earth. Then take that image and place it in your heart. Enliven it by seeing it orbit around the Sun. Before long, the world and its events shrink to their real size, and you expand to fill out the infinity that you really are. Eventually you reach the point where you know that everything is in flow and that what you are is perfect, even though you may realize your imperfections.

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