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time is money canstockphoto1088677The mind is the most powerful natural gift that we have. Allowing it to perform at its best is something we can learn. When we set our minds to something and stick to it, not allowing our emotions, negative thoughts, or doubts to get in the way, it’s amazing to see what can be accomplished. There are ways to use our unconscious mind to achieve our goals.

Life truly gets better when we focus on something that we want…whether it is something that seems more like an impossible dream, or something we have to do. Things gets better when we focus on what we DO want, instead of what we DON’T want.

I see people chasing their drama instead of their dreams all day long. We all have problems and issues — that’s life. But some people tend to let the drama run their life and control their attention instead of focusing on the solutions.

Depending on the environment, sometimes it can get really difficult to focus on something to its completion. One of the “tricks” I use to help focus on completing ordinary tasks is to use a regular kitchen timer to keep me focused. I set it to the amount of time I want to spend on the task.

Why a Ticking Timer is Important
The ticking noise of the timer is VERY important. You see, when you were in the womb, there was a constant ticking…the heartbeat of your mother. That ticking sound is ingrained now in your subconscious mind. Mother’s heartbeat meant warmth and comfort. Because it is also a “live” sound, your conscious mind and ears set their own rhythm to that pace. A timer connects your inner and outer worlds…in a way connecting the two hemispheres of your brain.

I discovered this “trick” when I had to do ironing for my family. My husband wore a lot of shirts and pants that needed pressing and our budget was never the kind that we could “send it out.” Ironing was especially unpleasant to me because I’d work for hours on it and it would go in the closet where no one saw or noted its completion. As the oldest child in a family of 13 kids, I was always looking for short cuts for the many chores that I was assigned. My family needed to look great as they went off to school and work, and though the family dog was pretty smart, there was only one person in the household the task loomed large for…ME.

I was NOT going to spend a full day on this stuff anymore!  So I set the kitchen timer for an hour.  What I found was that I’d end up finishing that ironing in that hour!

Although my family is grown and that man is an X, I still use that kitchen timer to get my articles written, email tasks accomplished quickly and so forth.

It Works for Homework
It is a very helpful tool to try also with that child of yours that has homework or tasks to do. Set the timer for a half hour. Remember it MUST be a ticking timer. See what kind of results you get. Does the child seem to speed through homework tasks a lot faster? Focus on the work more? My results with children were excellent that way. After a time the children’s unconscious mind was programmed that when that timer started they knew they had to focus. Some of them delighted in the fact that they finished the homework before the timer went off.

Why don’t you give it a try for some of your more boring stuff to get them done, too!

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