Lindy Baker March Predictions

Lindy Baker March Predictions

Whenever I’m in a clairvoyant reading coaching session, I am most often in a level of higher consciousness that many call “Channeling.” Sometimes I recognize that I am “in the Zone” because my grammar and tone change. Otherwise, there isn’t much difference from the everyday me to the elevated Mind version. Although I do have visions and insights when I am not in a session, it seems the “two heads (or energies) are better than one” effect is the catalyst behind the elevated vibration in a session.

Since mid-January both my reading and dreaming states have been colored with vivid visions of upcoming events. Truly it is slightly aggravating having ongoing chatter in my head that hasn’t originated in my created thoughts. (Yes, although the thoughts are in my head, they happen as sounds coming from outside my mind.  Long story.)

Many of the visions right now are most pleasing. I see that there is a “new breed” of people born in the last 20 or so years, exceptionally higher vibrating beings who have come to our world. These human beings are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and feel every little bump and change in Earth’s energies. These youngsters are highly intelligent and highly energetic. They need help guiding them in their lives. Too many suicides are taking place for these sensitives. They have an elevated amount of “sixth sense.” If you have children, it is important that you realize that they feel everything you feel so you had better feel your best.

It’s important as they grow into their new little lives that they have individuals with like energy and understanding that will ground and balance them. Otherwise, they may be erroneously labeled ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, autistic and other labels we give individuals who have elevated senses and, therefore, have difficulties in adapting to their surroundings and the rules of society. Many of them can suffer from depression and anxiety and have thoughts of suicide continuously.

At this time, there are people that I see as Guardians being placed to ensure that this new breed is grounded emotionally, and their behaviors are understood. For the most part, these Guardians are average people leading an ordinary life. I’ve met some that are pre-school teachers, school counselors, physicians, pediatric histologists, coaches, among other occupations.

Guardians have a lot of Divine Guidance that directs them to their career path. They love what they are doing, along with wanting to love and support everyone. Most of them are far from aggressive, though they are assertive individuals.

I believe the Guardians I have met through my Reading and Energy Balancing sessions have been led to me for instruction in understanding their own unique world, since I have lived all my life in that world. Since I have the ability to see auras, I know that they have quite different auric fields from other beings.

Vision Insight
One of my recent visions was about gun control.  When these children who have lived through the terror of gun violence in the schools are grown up, they will be a major part of the governing bodies, creating laws for the safety of children and implementing steps to eliminate the everyday violence that we have come to experience. I’d never thought of it that way before; it’s encouraging.

Energy Shift
I’ve seen a major event shifting the energy of the Earth starting Mid-March and into April.  At this writing, I am unclear what creates this shift specifically. I have some visions indicating that the Earth and Sun are shifting their orbits in the Universe. Some years ago I had visions that indicated the Earth was going to speed up on its axis creating feelings of stress, anxiety and life feeling as if it took much more energy to get through a day.  My feeling is that this shift now is as a result of the Earth’s slowing down.  Recently I saw reports from NASA also indicating this same effect. This should make us feel that we have more energy and it is easier to function in our everyday lives.

I am also deeply concerned that this shift is as a result of more major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because the planet is definitely under duress at this juncture. However, my natural attitude is to think of events in a positive way with positive outcomes, therefore, I feel the world’s population will begin feeling more alive and happy as a result of this pressure change. This will help cool the planet.

I can’t say enough about this amazing and gifted Lady. I have had 2 sessions with her, and both were spot on and so unbelievably comforting. If you need not only reassurance, but also questions answered, I promise you will get what you were hoping for. Thank you again, Lindy, for bringing me so much peace. ❤️
Danielle Catain

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