How to Use Your Psychic Ability

Energy waves Waves canstockphoto11242822Jeff Chavey is the Creator, Producer and Facilitator of the “Unnormal Paranormal” podcast.

Lindy Baker is a frequent guest on this podcast.  If you scan thru the many helpful articles on Lindy Baker’s website, you’ll find other podcasts produced for the Unnormal Paranormal Show featuring insights into the world of the paranormal.

Here we present the  links toThe Amazing World of Human Energy Fields”

Jeff Chavey
“Returning is one of the best educators this show has ever featured — psychic medium and comic, Lindy Baker. An educator is one who helps others discover and develop skill sets within themselves. Aside from the inevitable stories that always happen on this show, she will show us how to conduct our own self-check body scans, define what a psychic vampire is and perhaps most importantly — answer the question: “just what are and is it possible for anyone to develop psychic abilities?

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Lindy Baker Tells All

Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., is a world renowned Life Skills Coach, Gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, author, Speaker, published columnist, and channel, with certifications in medical and clinical hypnotherapy and NLP.  She provides confidential clairvoyant phone readings and LIFE CHANGING coaching for clients and businesses all over the world, and is known for her accurate predictions of major events and her ability to have conversations with our loved ones who are now in the afterlife.

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