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Super Intuition – Psychic Flash, October 12, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio

Welcome to Lindy Baker’s Super Intuition – Psychic Flash

Jupiter is considered to influence luck. Its main qualities are
justice and the search for meaning as an individual. In Scorpio, this
planet is passionate, persistent and interested in all that is
mysterious, hidden or corrupted. Scorpio will put more pressure on our
releasing ourselves from attachments to behavior generated from the

At the same time, Venus entered Libra, which should stir up the LOVE
in relationships spurred on by the intensity of Scorpio. I think going
into the holiday there will be more positive events and not so many of
these horrendously horrible ones.

If you have secrets, especially secret love affairs, your life is
about to get very chaotic. In the next few months I anticipate porn
related, sexual infractions, and sex slave organizations to be taken down.
I also think we
will be shocked at some of the people that are arrested for it…
gotten exact names, but hope to. The words I get are Justice for those
preyed upon.

Already we are seeing this in the news days after this message was
originally posted on my Facebook page.  You can join my Facebook page
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2018 will be gigantic in terms of the endless change we’ll be facing. In
numerology it is an “11” year, which means karmic and Divine
Intervention. If you are one who has a hard time with change, you
might practice doing some letting go now so the next year is easier
to get through. Be sure to look for my 2018 predictions and insights.

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