Lindy Baker Guest on Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Unormal Paranormal LogoUnnormal Paranormal  podcast  is hosted by Jeffrey Chavey of Pennsylvania. Below is a link to the podcast containing Lindy’s guest appearance on June 21, 2016.

Unnormal Paranormal Says
We speak to psychic and Life Coach Lindy Baker about her services and some important revelations she has for an upcoming event that will affect not only the United States but the world at large, the 2016 presidential election.


Lindy was awarded the Favorite Psychic Medium of 2013 in the Reader’s Choice contest. She’s also a successful Life and Business Coach – a growing field that guides clients towards constructively dealing with changes in their personal and professional lives, ensuring maximum personal satisfaction.”

Among the many topics covered in this 1.5 hour podcasts are:

Lindy’s life at ages 7 and 15, Religious / non-religious beliefs, Prediction for July 7 through 9th, Work with homicide departments, Angels and Evil Spirits, Election 2016, How Business Benefits from her coaching, Lotto number truths, P.E.E.s, Holograms vs. Ghosts,
Mind Magic
…and more

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Lindy Baker, B.A., M.Ed., is a world renowned Life Skills Coach, Gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, author, Speaker, published columnist, and channel, with certifications in medical and clinical hypnotherapy and NLP.

She provides confidential clairvoyant phone readings and LIFE CHANGING coaching for clients and businesses all over the world, and is known for her accurate predictions of major events and her ability to have conversations with our loved ones who are now in the afterlife.

Phone (858) 272-6463 for an appointment. Whether your issues are relationships, business, health or focus and motivation, Lindy has the right answers for you. See for testimonials, articles, podcasts and more.

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