Las Vegas Shooting Prediction?

Every so often I send emails out to my client list.  The subject matter varies and covers a wide range of topics.  I was headed out to Las Vegas when I sent the following email to my client list on September 25.  The shooting at the Las Vegas music festival occurred a few days later on October 1.  However, as you watch the reports unfold, it appears that Stephen Paddock was set up for this to occur earlier in the weekend.

My goal is always to keep the most positive spin I can in my sessions about the future. The reality is that there are events that we have no control over such as hurricanes, tornadoes and sometimes the horrific events led by individuals. If I mention an event, I also look at such facts as is it preventable, what steps should you take to be the safest, etc. Some people don’t get it that I Do NOT create the event, I have visions of it.  Since the world is a big place it can sometimes get hard to lock down the location, as with this event.  I would remind readers that Noah also had premonitions of a flood  He didn’t try to stop it, he built an arc…made plans…developed a strategy.

My belief is that any human being who has a mind is psychic…or intuition if you wish to refer to it as that. If everyone opened themselves to this God Given part of their mind and survival instinct, people would freely discuss their premonitions.  I believe a lot of people attended had those premonitions but dismissed them because that is what we are taught to do.  My mission in life has been to get rid of superstition and instead open to this very fabulous skill.

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Dear Lindy,

I wanted to be sure to get an update out to you before I get on the road.

I’m off to Las Vegas in a few minutes. From there I’m headed to Ohio for a
reunion with family and friends. I’ll be taking calls the whole time, but am
available four hours daily only.

I’m back in California on October 4th to rest a day until I perform on October
5, Thursday, at Flappers Comedy in Claremont, CA. Click here to get f*r*e*e
tickets.  CLICK HERE

A lot of people wrote me scared because they heard some religious people
predicting the end of the world in September.  The earth is billions of years
old with stories like that popping up every so often. I’m sure with the news of
huge earthquakes, floods, fires and hurricane after hurricane, it makes a lot of
people nervous. My psychic sense has me on alert also.

In the last year, when there has been a conjunction of Jupiter Sesquiquadrate
Neptune, there has been a major worldwide event or announcement.

On September 27th, this very strong element occurs again. (I’ll be flying to the
East Coast that day…oh my, I’ll let you know how it goes.) JUST STAY ALERT.

On September 28th Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus and Planet Pluto goes into Direct
Motion. My concern would be that those conjunctions usually present an energy
indicating mass confusion, explosions and other powerful occurrences. North
Korea’s threats should be taken very seriously…but unfortunately, you and I have
no control over political decisions there.

If you haven’t listened to my podcast on Karmic Dissipation, I’d suggest you
take the time to do that.  It might not be the end of the World, but my guides
are telling me that it is the end of an Era.  There is an energy evolution
taking place that will get stronger as each day passes. 

So many people have contacted me stating that they can’t sleep, have severe
anxiety, and emotional upsets. Please know that you are not crazy, nor are you
having a nervous breakdown. The timing is different for each and every one of
us, but we will soon find that we must let go of believing things have to be as
they were in the past.  Reaching out for loving, giving support people is very
important now.

Here again is the podcast with Unnormal Paranormal —  Karmic Dissipation. 
I’ll be adding some pages to the website as
soon as I can. ( It’s been crazy in my life, too.)

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Wishing you the best of everything,

Lindy Baker

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