Find your Personal Year 2018 in Numerology

Happy New Year 2018Ever since my early teens, I wrote down the birth date of people that I knew in order to conduct my own astrology and numerology research. Below are my own personal findings for what you might expect in your Personal Year 2018 in numerology. I explain how to find your Personal Year 2018 in numerology.

You may find my computations quite different than those of other numerologists, however keep in mind that my research is over a lifetime and based on speaking to thousands of people over the years and not just by reading a book or two on the subject. Feel free to forward this post to your family and friends, but do keep in mind this is copyrighted material and you must have my written authorization to reprint it in any form.  Thanks.

Happy New Year 2018
Lindy Baker

Your personal year begins on your birthday!  You’ll feel effects of the energy change as the year progresses on the New Year on January 1, but the full energy starts on your actual birth date. (If your birthday is in the latter part of the year, you would still be using 2017 to find your year.)

First, you need to figure out your Personal Year Number so you can look it up in the chart below.

To arrive at your Personal Year Number, add your birth month and date to 2018 (2+0+1+8).

January 14 birth date is 1 (the number for the month) +1+4 (day) and 2+0+1+8 = 17.

It should appear as 1+1+4+2+0+1+8 — which is reduced down to one number, which is 1 + 7 = 8.
A person with the birth date of January 14 is in a Personal Year 8.

  • Place the number for the month you were born here:    + ______
    NOTE: October, November and December have 2 digits so they would appear as 1 + 0, 1 + 1, 1 + 2
  • Place the number for the Day you were born here:     + ______
    NOTE: IF two numbers show it as X + X.
  • Place the number you have in A followed by the number or numbers in B here: +_______________________
  • Now Add + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 after that set of numbers.
  • Now add them all together. A + B + D =    TOTAL: _____
  • If your total is 2 digits then you will reduce that to one number by adding them together. Example: 2 + 5 = 7
  • This one digit is now the number you will use to find your year.

Your numbers should appear as   A + B + D + 2 + 0 +1 + 8 added across.    

NOTE:  When adding your month, day and the current year, if the total is “11” which is broken down into a 2, your number is “11” and not “2” because 11 is a major number.  You will want to read your Personal Year 2, keeping in mind, this additional information. In an “11” year, you will experience a very deep relationship with a person of the opposite sex. This person may be a mentor or actually result in a marriage.  Married people may find themselves emotionally wandering during an 11 year and areas that the relationship needs to be strengthened may become quite clear.  It is a year when your purpose in life becomes clearer. People can become quite intuitive during this time and experience a lot of déjà vu.

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. . . New Beginnings

The current year is the beginning of a new nine-year cycle for you.

Inherent in this year is the promise of life being a new adventure that will last many years forward, the first of the nine.  During this period, you’ll clarify your goals so that you can act on them.  It’s a very high energy period so push forward toward the things you dream of. Sometimes new training or studying is required to create a core for what these new steps are going to be. It may be a year of hard work, but you can definitely see the promise as things form to encourage your change. You are laying down a foundation. Just as you would not hurry the forming of concrete at the base of the house because it will crack, you should learn patience and focus. When you plant a seed, you cannot hurry its growth.

You’ll find your personal health energy at a good level, perhaps higher than it has been for some time. It is a good time to start any new plan such as exercise or diet.

You can resist this change, but it will be like trying to swim upstream in a strong current. Your past starts disappearing…problems, disappointments disappear…but also friends and associations that are no longer necessary or supportive of your evolution go their separate ways.

You are open to adventure and major change. It is a fantastic time to make jumps in career and money sectors of your life.

The keywords for this year are I, me, and mine.

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. . .Emotion and Creation

This year marks a change in your emotional development. You may feel your self-control is tested, especially as you may find yourself emotionally over-sensitive.  This is a great time to get creative with all that emotion.  If you aspire to be a writer, songwriter, musician, fashion designer, filmmaker, or an artist of any kind, it is a time to get busy on your project.  Most of what happens moves you forward from wherever you were to new emotional experiences. Emotional extremes may be prevalent, along with bouts of depression and/or anxiety.  Remember: All anxiety is unused creativity.

This is a time for developing relationships, especially new ones to perhaps replace those that were dissolved in the last couple years as you entered into your new nine year cycle. It’s also a time when you actually experience new activities and social environments.

A Personal Year 2 is anything but easy. Many people have very low energy during this time and experience losses of various kinds.

When adding your month, day and the current year, if the total is “11” which is broken down into a 2, your number is “11” and not “2” because 11 is a major number.  In an “11” year, you will experience a very deep relationship with a person of the opposite sex. This person may be a mentor or actually result in a marriage.  Married people may find themselves emotionally wandering during an 11 year and areas that the relationship needs to be strengthened may become quite clear.  It is a year when your purpose in life becomes clearer. People can become quite intuitive during this time and experience a lot of déjà vu.

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. . . Spontaneity, Legal Matters, Moving

This is a social year when it is quite easy to be happy. Any love affairs tend to be more just that rather than long term, though a long-term arrangement can evolve and is not completely out of the question.

You may have a tendency to be quite spontaneous, even if that has not been your way in the past.  Many people make long distance moves in a Personal Year 3.  This year also has a tendency to bring matters of real estate purchasing and selling, and matters of a legal nature, such as lawsuits.

You are inclined to scatter energies and undertake to do too many things at the same time.

Any creative projects you started last year have a tendency to become very solid now. You’ll find your verbal skills flowing. Many people whose birth date adds up to a 3 have strong acting and creative skills.

One caution for a 3 year is to avoid jumping into anything business or career-wise without fully researching it first.  Opportunities showing up in this year have a tendency to change from what was presented or not pan out as expected.  You can easily be left out on a limb as things change quickly.

A good policy for this year is to wait 3 days before you say “yes” to anyone or anything.

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. . . Financial Increases, Stability, Long Term Planning

I love the Personal Year 4.  From this point on in your nine year plan, you arrive at some stability in your finances and many things solidify. Many people are able to set aside money for savings and retirement in a four year.  It is a year to plan and stick with the plan.

Even if you stumbled in your path by acting hastily last year, this year offers a payoff for hard work. Sometimes in a four year there are bonus and overtime payouts that haven’t occurred for you prior. If you don’t have a savings account or 401k plan, now is the time to get one.

Responsibilities may increase, but there is a payoff that will allow freedom in the coming year, so work hard without resentment. Work can cause stress so pay particular attention to your health, getting needed rest and maintaining a healthy diet at this time.

Unexpected windfalls often happen in a 4 year.

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. . . Freedom or Lack of It

In a Personal 5 year, you crave freedom.  If your freedom is restricted, you will break ties with the thing or person that is keeping you from coming and going as you wish. Your social activities take on special importance. Tedious tasks are set aside as you live life to the fullest. 

Many times in a 5 year opportunities to travel come out of nowhere. You may find deals that are unbelievable and so you are not quite as responsible as you probably should be. Excitement and adventure seem to call your name everywhere you go.

If you cannot answer this wild call to adventure, your resentment for your obligations and responsibilities can be unbearable.  Many times people are called on to care for an aging parent, have to mend from a broken fall or surgery during this time so the lack of freedom is accented. Your ability to focus on mundane tasks is very limited and if pressured to do them, you may bolt from a relationship or job that is a good one. 

Put off making major job or relationship changes until much later in your 5 year.

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. . . Family, Partners, and Partnerships

If you are single in a 6 year, your drive to obtain a partner or companion becomes a very strong urge. You may feel unbearably lonely and will crave the presence of others around you. There are more marriages occurring in a personal 6 year as a result.

If married, in a 6 year, you’ll focus on spending more time with your mate and family, reaffirming your love for each other and making special times and memories together.

Many people who have entrepreneurial spirit carve out their own business during a 6 year.  Forming a partnership now is a solid thing to do.

It may be a year when you’re called on to make sacrifices for those in your family or close circle of friends.  You are more philanthropic now and generous in your caring for other human beings.

You should expect to have a very good year insofar as domestic, family and romantic matters are concerned. Your communication of your feelings for others is heightened during this year.

It’s a very good year for socialization and communication.

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. . . Intense Analysis, Huge Inner Change

A 7 personal year tends to be a very introverted and introspective year in which you experience tremendous inner change.  You’ll have a tendency to analyze everything you do and all the reasons you do it.  In Internet lingo, I think of this as a year when you upgrade YOU 1.0 to YOU 3.0.

Many times people read a lot of self-help materials or enter into counseling of some sort as issues that have been suppressed or forgotten have a tendency to come to the surface through dreams or interaction with people and places from the past. The experience can be compared to downloading all new software in your computer.  By the end of the year you may find that you have discarded all kinds of habits, changed your entire wardrobe style and color, and made many other physical changes to yourself and your environment.

You will have a tendency to become reclusive and sometimes argumentative. The war is really going on inside yourself because events both inside you and outside of you are forcing change and evolution. Sometimes we fight new ideas that burst forth about things we were taught to be our truths by our parents and others as we grew up. Sometimes people feel depressed that what they were taught turns out to no longer be relevant.

It is best to be as open as possible for change during this year in order to make it pass easily and without heavy personal losses such as friendships and partners if you are the type who blames others instead of taking responsibility for your own actions and changes.

Your ability to study and analyze is very high. It is easy to over-think, which can create anxiety. Your capacity for research and understanding is at its very best.

Many people become quite psychic during this phase, along with deep dreaming. Seeking out hypnotherapy, meditation and massage during this year is very wise to make your evolution smoother in the process.

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. . . Balance and Financial Gain

This is a power year when you can make important financial strides in your life. After your 7 year and its change on you, you are more than ready to dig into implementing the new you.  During this time getting your finances in order becomes easier to accomplish.

You also have a better picture of what works for you in terms of career and work.  It is a good year to jump for that raise or promotion, to move up a notch into a more demanding and challenging work atmosphere.

You’ll be determined to get all areas of your life in order. It’s easy to make major decisions and achieve beyond what you have limited yourself to prior to this time.  Opportunities for advancement and recognition for past and current work come easily now. It is important to take advantage of these opportunities.

Your power and energy levels remain high and peak in this cycle. It is easier to relax and feel good about yourself and what you are accomplishing.

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. . .Endings and Ideas

Many things leave your life in this cycle.  Sometimes in this cycle, parents and close relatives pass or move away. Divorces also have a tendency to finalize in a Personal Year 9.

You’ll have a tendency to be more philanthropic and caring in this cycle, perhaps volunteering in the community.

Often people from the past come back into our lives creating an effect that we recall values and ideas from the past. Perhaps you return to hobbies and activities that you seemed to lose interest in and had let go from your life. It’s a happy-go-lucky year in many ways. You may find yourself more accepting of another person’s ideas and beliefs and other cultures. 

It’s a time when you find peace in nature and surroundings that are free of chaos. You’ll back off from people who have a tendency to bring drama into their life and yours. 

Music takes on strong importance and seems to bring ecstatic relief from any pressures in your life.

By the end of this year, you will have completed a certain phase of your life and already begun feelings and ideas for what you want for changes in the future.

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