2018 Psychic Predictions

When I went into my “trance state” to think about what we could expect in world events in 2018, the Higher Consciousness entitled the year: 2018: For the People, By the People – The People’s Take Over

In interpreting this, my head was filled with many visions.  To me, this will be a year when people actively bond together to bring back the honorable desires of the majority of the residents of the United States.  I didn’t see this as a year of lawlessness, nor did I feel it was a year of massive demonstrations (though I do see much of that), but more of a year of the individual and not that of special interests, lobbyist and politically driven goals and desires.

I saw young men and women setting high goals, inspired to bring peace and balance, morals and character, back to the running of the government. I think more than ever before we are going to see new faces, with new dreams and new ideas running for government offices — People who believe that policies should be driven by a desire for equality for every person living in the United States.

Of course, we will always have those who resist this or are inclined to be oppositional no matter what the issue, and there may be clashes still of gender, races and the like, but in the overall theme underlying what you see taking place will be an energy that can only be expressed as by the people as a whole.

Here is the Unnormal Paranormal podcast with Jeffrey Chavey and my 2018 Psychic Predictions.  Because of time constraints, there are 2 parts to this podcast, which was recording in December of 2017.


Clairvoyant LINDY BAKER’S 2018 Predictions


Part 2 Clairvoyant Lindy Baker’s 2018  Predictions