Jupiter Quincunx Chiron

New Year’s Eve 2017

Today, December 31, there is a very significant astrological combination — Jupiter Quincunx Chiron.

What does that mean?

It’s kind of like falling in love and finding out s/he’s married, or losing a loved one who leaves 2 million dollars to you in your will. It’s bittersweet. You can feel freed but nowhere to go and nothing to do. It means that although things look dark and bleak, you’re also sent reason to hope. Without Hope, life seems not worth it. The key is to look for hidden meanings, and not take events as they appear. The key is to use your intuition and not be taken in with what you see.

Planet Jupiter is known to bring luck, gifts and optimism. Chiron, though thought of as an asteroid rather than a planet, is still important in astrology. Chiron usually indicates feeling weak and in pain or as if you are repeatedly kicked.

When these two planets are in contact, fabulous strokes of luck can happen even when you are in the middle of pain. In this particular instance with Uranus having just gone Direct on December 29, much of the angst and problems that you have been dealing with in the period before gives way to your understanding some basic truths about your life that are going to help you wing it through the future.

I find it significant that 2017 begins with such powerful astrological events.

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At 5 a.m. Pacific Time was a worldwide prayer effort for Peace. Millions of people all over the world bowed their heads and sent out strong intent for peace for everyone. It’s not too late to meditate on that same vibration, feel it and join in.

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