New Moon SOLAR Eclipse in Powerful Pisces February 26, 2017

What a day February 26 will be.

The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th,

Mercury enters Pisces on the 25th,

and a New Moon and SOLAR Eclipse take place in Pisces.

What does all that mean?

Your mind is going to touch your soul.

Some people who are not sensitive will have some mind blowing flashes strong enough to make them think they are drunk, stoned or ill. (I know, I know. That could be fun for some of you. LOL)

Others who are sensitive types will have visions and dreams about their purpose and life path or feelings of unexplained ecstasy.

No matter what we get to see some people for who they really are…you know, a glimpse of their soul. You may think some people are good and suddenly see thru their camouflage. You might also find someone you didn’t like reveals information that changes your perception of them to a positive — forever.

I think it will be a great day and period of time — I’m hoping it reverses the huge amount of hate and anger that is suffocating the U.S. for a while now.

Pisces oozes with sensitivity and intuition. Get a massage, Relax and do nothing. Everything that day will feel very different.

Then on March 4 the Planet of Love — Venus — goes retrograde in Aries. I’ll post about that later.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Lindy Baker
Gifted Clairvoyant and Life Coach

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