May 17 Email to Clients

Fast typing photoBecause of recent events in Orlando, Florida several clients have written to me to see the contents of that email. This is a sample of what you will receive if you sign up for my email list. Also in this email I predict the outbreak of violence.

Rough Days with Mars in Scorpio.
From May 28 to August 2, Mars again returns to Scorpio after a nice few months in Sagittarius. The first six weeks of 2016 this fiery intense planet was also in Scorpio. You probably experienced quite a bit of havoc, especially if you Sun Sign is an air sign.

The Sun and Mercury are in Gemini during this period, and if you have a preponderance of your birth chart planets in that sign, you might experience very sudden changes in your lifestyle. Again, I anticipate that air signs are more affected than the other signs. (Remember: your Sun sign is only ONE of the planets in your chart and you need to know all 10 planets for the full story of what is going to affect you.) You can ask about your Natal astrology chart in your next session.

May 22 thru 26
I’ve been channeling that something that changes the history of the world is to hit during this time period.  I like to stay positive, but the feelings I get are quite ominous.  My best advice is to stay AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS and trust any feelings that you have. My visions include assassinations, chaos and violence. (Along with this, there is REAL reason to worry about nuclear movement in South Korea. ) site down temporarily
The effects of the Mercury Retrograde energy had an all-time record high in my life.  Recently my site and were hacked.  As a result, you will only find information at for a while until I re-create the other site. 

Super Saver is Changing
The half price day called Super Saver Day is now going to be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month only.


Wishing you the best of everything,
Lindy Baker

Clairvoyant Life Coach
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