Karmic Dissipation

the human soulMy posts about the process of Karmic Dissipation will appear as a series.  You’ll want to scroll over and sign up on my mailing list to be sure to be notified when I’ve got those posts up. I’ll be including important information on how to know if you are in the process of Karmic Dissipation, and steps to get through it eliminating some of the devastation and desolation I’ve witnessed people experiencing going through the process. Even if you are not going through the process, the information may help you be there for, and understand, a friend or family member. 

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Are you feeling a lack of control over events in your life? You might be going through a process called Karmic Dissipation.

Many people have become even more dedicated to holding on and attempting to control outcomes in their lives that they cannot any longer control–so emotions such as anger, irritation, frustration, argumentative statements, wrath, bitterness and violence are spewing like emotional bombs from many people. These emotions help resist what is going to be unavoidable. You are going to have to change your beliefs, how you react to things around you, how you choose to live your life.

It is going to happen to EVERYONE. 

The process on Earth right now taking place with your soul and the human YOU is huge. You are birthing into a different environment, a different YOU. Your heart centers want to open wide to embrace all the feelings that are available on Earth. You are birthing in a sense.  Everything around you is NEW. If it isn’t new this week, it surely will be next week or the week after. That is why you have the thoughts that time is moving much too fast…days just flashing by.

Birthing can be painful. It’s painful to let go of old hurts and beliefs that no longer serve your existence. It’s painful to let go of your past and the people you are used to having to ground you. These memories and emotions have been the building blocks to the person that you are formed into up to this point, but that old you is a façade–not real–and you are in the process of realizing that.



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