Jupiter Retrograde February 6 2017

Planet Jupiter is known to bring luck, gifts and optimism. On February 6, Jupiter turns Retrograde in the constellation Libra. It lasts until June 9, 2017 when it again goes Direct.

Unlike Mercury Retrograde Jupiter Retrograde isn’t too bad, though it can cause you to overdo or cause event delays. This retrograde encourages traveling. It can also produce big surprises (not shocks).

During this Jupiter Retrograde in Libra, you will be questioning everything that you take for granted…your beliefs, philosophies, religious dogmas, company policies…will all be probed.

Libra represents law, truth and justice. Put the two together and for this period of time, it spells scrutinizing government, education, law, management policies, legal matters, and previous beliefs.

What retrograde means personally to you is that you’ll feel it necessary to spend extra time to be absolutely sure “everything is in order” before you continue with your plans on some important area you have been focusing upon. There may be some tests from the Universe to make sure that you’re ready to receive the new romance, increased wealth or good fortune that comes at the end of the cycle.

If you are guilty of such behavior as greed, jealousy or addictions that have been getting out of control, you’ll be presented with opportunities to recognize and then admit you have that problem…so that it is put behind you. If this is the case, some things might get so out of control and some uncomfortable events takes place in order to shake you awake.

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