July 4th Fireworks Astrologically

With red, white and blue in the background the focus in on two hands shaping love.Venus in Gemini might have you thinking you really love your freedom. Your energies are going to be toward being sociable and communicative. You’d rather be running somewhere to satisfy your curiosity and jumping into something exciting than allowing anything boring to fill your day. There’s a few planetary reasons why its July 4th Fireworks Astrologically.

It’s easy to avoid getting emotional during this time thru July 31. In fact, you might feel downright insensitive with the Jupiter Quincunx Neptune effect that takes place on Wednesday, July 5.  

This powerful aspect first formed on October 23 (2016) and again on May 17, 2017. This added influence makes it difficult to stick to a routine. Escaping from emotional situations and taking care of others and their responsibilities adds some really intense energies to the mix. It’s easy to get suckered into impractical nonsense or completely ditch responsibility for pure pleasure. Anything restrictive is so repulsive.

A strong Gemini influence in a natal chart is known to make that person very fickle, finding it hard to stay faithful to one person. (Strong Gemini refers to more than one planet in Gemini, particularly Venus in Gemini.)

Go ahead.  Freak out. Flip out. In a few weeks when Venus goes into Cancer on July 31, you’ll feel like focusing on all things home and relationship.

Additional Note:  Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are born under the Sun Sign Gemini.


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