Honoring Mother’s Day 2017

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Creation? Sunday, May 14, is Mother’s Day 2017. Perhaps there are some things you haven’t considered until now about your mother.

You are your mother’s creation.

Your dad planted a seed, but it was your mother who nourished you every second of every day for 9 months or thereabouts. You were linked to her with an umbilical cord…inseparable. You ate what she ate, drank what she drank. Sometimes you burped or got the hiccups. No one else felt that except for her.

You were linked to her nervous system, her blood, her mind, her feelings, and grew like fruit on a tree.

You are the fruit of her womb.

You heard her heart beat every second. It was a sound of comfort and even now if you listen to a soft ticking sound, it has a calming effect on you.  When you look in the mirror, you see her face.

Loving your mother is a part of loving yourself.

She went through some tough days growing you, creating you.  She may have been sick to her stomach as the chemicals in her body changed to accommodate you. She may have had heartburn. She had insatiable cravings of strange foods.

In all likelihood, getting a good night’s sleep was hard to do.  Whether she layed on her side, her back or her stomach, there just wasn’t a comfortable position for the most part.  Her bladder ached for months so trips to the bathroom took up a lot of her time — even all through the night. Because you were growing, she couldn’t get comfortable trying to sleep.

Give your Mom a call, a hug, a thank you and especially a “love you”.

 You don’t have to like her and the things she does — loving her is also your choice, but respecting her is not negotiable. Do it for you, because once she is gone, no one can replace her.


NOTE:   Did you know that the woman who first began Mother’s Day, Anna Marie Jarvis, spent her entire life and all her money trying to make it non-commercial? Read this story here:   ANNA MARIE JARVIS FOUNDER OF MOTHER’S DAY

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