How to Fight Year 2017 Change

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Cry, scream, and feel sorry for yourself.  Wallow in self-pity.  However, one day while you are wallowing, you’ll suddenly say, “Hey, I don’t feel like wallowing anymore today.  I feel better.”  The next day you will feel better and each day after that you will feel even better.  Soon, something amazing happens: You rediscover your smile and actually laugh at who you were back then. Suddenly you are thankful for what the experience brought you.

Focus on now

Take things a step at a time, one day at a time.  If you start looking toward or thinking about next week, next month or next year, you’ll feel overwhelmed.  There’s no way to change the past.  You can only change today, which in turn is the rudder to your future.  If you dwell on the past, you accomplish nothing.  Don’t look at the broad picture yet.  Limit your focus for a while.

Think positively

If you think you are defeated, then you are.  Success begins with your own will power, with your state of mind.  Those who are stronger or faster do not always win life’s battles.  Sometimes they belong to the person who just won’t quit, or who wins because s/he thinks he can.

 Be angry for a short time

Thinking you want to isolate yourself?  No contact might mean no pain, no hurt, right?  Not so.  It cuts you off from the information, the connection that just might turn things around in your life quicker than you ever thought possible.  It’s okay to be bitter for a time.  Being bitter is normal – it is simply a stage you are going to go through.  But move past it quickly.

Keep your faith in people

Try to find the joy in every facet of your day and things will get better.  It’s important to keep the faith in other human beings.  Everyone has at least one good quality.  Maximize the good.   There is truly strength in numbers.

Fear is a negative mirage

Most of the time what we fear never comes to pass.  We’re taught by all the drama that gets us to watch those television shows and movies, by the nature of our culture, to exaggerate our fears.  The more we worry, the bigger and the deeper the fear or problem seems.

Do something new

Slowly get involved in something new – whether it’s a new job, volunteer work, a cool hobby such as photography or kayaking or something along those lines.  Find a group in your area for any of your interests, plus the possibility for some new ones. By keeping busy and focusing on making yourself feel good as an independent being, the healing process will be a healthy process.

Remember Lindy’s #1 rule

Success is the best revenge!

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