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My father loved to tell jokes. Admittedly, most of his jokes weren’t the kind of material that should be told to your children, but my hard-working dad loved to let off steam.  I loved comedy since then and loved to watch Johnny Carson and the others perform their monologues.  Later, when comedy clubs started sprouting up everywhere, I’d attend as often as my budget allowed.  Comedy movies were always my first choice too. 

Even though I had performed as a lead singer in several performing bands and in community theater, performing comedy live onstage seemed terrorizing. What if you couldn’t make the people laugh? What if you forgot your routine?  So for over 20 years I watched comedy after comedy, and sought out comedy performances to watch safely from the audience.

In 2015 I decided to take a comedy class just for socialization. My work is quite stressful and intense because I am providing real advice, for real people with real problems. My thought was that people who would attend a comedy class must be people who love to laugh and joke. In the first class the instructor, Ken Pringle, outlined the class and got the people in the class comfortable sharing with each other.  In the second class, Ken let me know that I had to have material for a performance showcase.  What! My knees started knocking and my face flushed white right then and there. But Ken promised to work with me in a way that when I got on stage I would not be frightened.  Believe me when I say I stepped on that stage extremely frightened.

When anyone overcomes a Fear, a tremendous transformation takes place that is quite personal for that person. Though my mouth was so dry that I felt like my tongue was sticking to the roof of my mouth, I made it through.  I stress out every time before I jump onto that stage, although each time the nervousness lessens.

It’s my pleasure to prevent my very first comedy appearance at Flapper’s Comedy in Claremont, California.  I really want you to laugh and be happy.

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