Honoring Mother’s Day 2017

Honoring Mother’s Day 2017

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Creation? Sunday, May 14, is Mother’s Day 2017. Perhaps there are some things you haven’t considered until now about your mother.

You are your mother’s creation.

Your dad planted a seed, but it was your mother who nourished you every second of every day for 9 months or thereabouts. You were linked to her with an umbilical cord…inseparable. You ate what she ate, drank what she drank. Sometimes you burped or got the hiccups. No one else felt that except for her.

You were linked to her nervous system, her blood, her mind, her feelings, and grew like fruit on a tree.

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How to use your Psychic Ability

How to Use Your Psychic Ability

Energy waves Waves canstockphoto11242822Jeff Chavey is the Creator, Producer and Facilitator of the “Unnormal Paranormal” podcast.

Lindy Baker is a frequent guest on this podcast.  If you scan thru the many helpful articles on Lindy Baker’s website, you’ll find other podcasts produced for the Unnormal Paranormal Show featuring insights into the world of the paranormal.

Here we present the  links toThe Amazing World of Human Energy Fields”

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